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The Magic of Root Glen!

The Magic of Root Glen

One of my favorite local treasures is Root Glen, located within the beautiful Hamilton College campus.  I didn’t discover it until I was an adult, even though I grew up here.  We haven’t gone so much in the last several years since we’ve seemed to always had a kid that was a new walker, but we went last weekend in…

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Momager Binder!


Am I the only mom that, when presented with one child napping, and 2 at a playdate, I don’t know what to do with myself?  I start getting completely unrealistic about what I can accomplish in this hour or so?  I start 5 projects, and just float around each one, so instead of finishing any one project, I just have…

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Dog on a Blog

So today, Betsy had her yearly checkup.  Upon exiting the car, she ripped out her entire nail.  Her nail, in its entirety!  It was sitting on the carpet of my car!  She sort of fell when she was getting out of the car, and somewhere in that klutzy process, she ripped out her nail at the base.  I’m not sure…

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THE Fair

The Great New York State Fair!  Gotta love it. Me and the girls took an abbreviated visit today, just about 4 1/2 hours of the fair.  Lots to love about the fair- for one, it’s only an hour away.  The drive is nice, we don’t always finds ourselves on 690 driving straight through the middle of the city of Syracuse,…

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Hello world!

Since this is my first post on my new fancy WordPress blog, I am going to keep their default title, “Hello world!”  Welcome to!  Excited to have my new piece of internet real estate and to take things to the next level:  blog and I are moving in together.  Facebook and I are still in a relationship, but “it’s…

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