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Poor poor pitiful me!

Poor poor pitiful me!

So today, Betsy had her yearly checkup.  Upon exiting the car, she ripped out her entire nail.  Her nail, in its entirety!  It was sitting on the carpet of my car!  She sort of fell when she was getting out of the car, and somewhere in that klutzy process, she ripped out her nail at the base.  I’m not sure what’s left behind, some sort of under nail flesh I assume.  Can’t wait to see it tomorrow when her bandage comes off.  Made the vet appt much more expensive, too.  But hey, I guess the silver lining was that it happened when we were heading into the vets office, not at home on a Sunday!  A neighbor recently described Betsy as “majestic”…. I hope I run into her today.  Her royal highness is hobbling around today.  I just gave her her pain meds in a piece of cheese.  Gimme a break!  (Yes of course I am giving her TLC and loving on her today.  But we must also laugh.  Because it’s hilarious.)

Keep in mind, I had all 3 kids with me, so it was just fabulous.  Another client pulled in when we were assessing the situation in the parking lot, and they just sort of stared at me…  it’s just… awkwardness follows me.

Our vet recently retired, and now her associate has taken over and it looks like she’s making some positive changes to freshen things up a bit.  We have seen Dr. Price a few times over the years, mostly for emergency things (like the last time Betsy ripped her nail and needed a ridiculous bandage like this one!  That one was hot pink I believe lol), and although our old vet was great, we are happy to have Dr. Price now as our vet.  Highly recommend the Clinton Pet Vet!  (formerly known as the Clinton Veterinary Hospital)


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