Momager Binder!


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Momager. Because that's what I am.

Momager. Because that’s what I am.

Am I the only mom that, when presented with one child napping, and 2 at a playdate, I don’t know what to do with myself?  I start getting completely unrealistic about what I can accomplish in this hour or so?  I start 5 projects, and just float around each one, so instead of finishing any one project, I just have several that are partially finished.  20% finished, to be precise.

While I have a minute (no I don’t! ha!), I’ll share with you my Momager binder.  That’s right, inspired by none other than the Mom of the year, Kris Jenner.  Or Kardashian.  Or whatever she is.  Kim’s mom.

Since I am the one coordinating everything non-Tallman’s Tire in our house, I have to keep it all straight.  With 3 kids, that’s a lot.  Three kids in 3 different places.  And I’m a teacher myself, so I’m at my own school.  And I am still paying my college loans.  So basically, there’s a lot of schools that are involved in my life.

I bought a yellow (I’M FREAKIN HAPPY!  NOTHING I LIKE BETTER THAN COORDINATING 4,000 MOVABLE PARTS!!! shade of yellow) binder and 5 vinyl tabs that have pockets.  I don’t always carry my 3 hole punch with me, but when I do… I don’t know where I’m going with that.  Anyway.

I'm hiding my kids' names from you. True story.

I’m hiding my kids’ names from you. True story.

The 5 tabs are:

  1. Kid 1 school
  2. Kid 2 school
  3. Kid 3 school (inevitably they will have a pajama or hat day, and inevitably they will be on different days.  And each school has a monthly calendar.  Wee!!!)
  4. Activities (this fall, we have 3 kids involved in 5 activities?  I think?)
  5. Household (recipes, coupons, weekly menus (ha!), bills or other important things
  6. **Secret hidden wine tab** (Only my most special readers can see bullet #6!  You’re one of them!  You’re trying to figure out if this is legit, huh.  It’s not.  But I made you feel special!)
Tabs 4 & 5

Tabs 4 & 5

I had one last year, but I lost it.  So…. yeah they work great!  Thumbs up!  But really, they do work great, I was fairly pissed I couldn’t find it, and honestly I didn’t look that hard because I decided I wanted a colored binder instead of my black binder from last year.

Back to work on my 5 projects…


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    You are funny. Really. Great read!

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