THE Fair

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The Great New York State Fair!  Gotta love it.



Me and the girls took an abbreviated visit today, just about 4 1/2 hours of the fair.  Lots to love about the fair- for one, it’s only an hour away.  The drive is nice, we don’t always finds ourselves on 690 driving straight through the middle of the city of Syracuse, so it gets pretty exciting toward the end.  Today was opening day, and a Thursday, and they offer $3 Thursdays, so we spent more on the $5 parking spot than we did for admission (totaled $3, since under 12 is free).  I find that the NYS Fair is great for 2 things:  it’s a great fair, as far as fairs go, and it showcases so much of what NYS has to offer (minus the greatest city in the world hanging off the bottom of our state… that sort of gets neglected at the fair.  But then again, fairs are just not city things, so other than a few mentions here and there, there really isn’t much that NYC would have to offer at the fair.  I guess food?  But upstate has enough of that to contribute!)

We hit the ground running… well tried, it was raining.  After a 5 minute pause upon entering the fair, we went straight for cotton candy, washed down with straight-from-the-tap milk in the dairy building.  My kids’ limited exposure to fairs and carnivals had them worrying about cotton candy, hot dogs, and rides.  So we got cotton candy and got on our way.  We visited the animal/farm exhibits (who knew there were so many kinds of rabbits?!), had lunch, and then of course went to the rides.  There are some great places to have lunch, some Anthony Bourdain-esque things to try (including tons of international food), but that was not on the agenda for today.  My dad took us to the “best deal” at the fair (definitely his opinion haha), and we shared a half chicken while the girls ate their usual kid-food.  Then we were off the rides.  The rides are pretty decent at the fair, but be prepared to spend money.  We spent probably $32 on 4-5 rides per kid.


Just a corny picture! Derrrrp.

Tons of games, fairly expensive, with creepy people running them (you know what I mean- just constantly in your face, trying to persuade you to spend all your money- leave me alone already! haha).  Not much else to say there.  We played one game, and I did win a large stuffed bear that was filled with those foam pellets, so that was fun! lol

On our way back, we decided it was dessert time.  Back to the dairy building, which is a must-see at the fair.  The girls got their twist with sprinkles, and I got a frozen chocolate-chip cheesecake on a stick with chocolate sauce!!!  Great way to end our day at the fair.  We had another half hour to kill, so we moped around Chevy Court, hoping Everclear would come on, but they didn’t end up finally coming on until about 15 minutes after we left.  Too bad, one of my favorite bands from the late 90s!

All in all, a fun time with family, exploring new things and old favorites, spilling over with NYS pride!  We’ll be back when our little guy is older, so he can check it out, too.

Do you go to the fair?  What’s your favorite attraction?  What do you think are the best eats at the fair?


2015 Butter Sculpture, a must-see at The Fair!