The Magic of Root Glen!

The Magic of Root Glen

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Lots of bees!

Lots of bees!

One of my favorite local treasures is Root Glen, located within the beautiful Hamilton College campus.  I didn’t discover it until I was an adult, even though I grew up here.  We haven’t gone so much in the last several years since we’ve seemed to always had a kid that was a new walker, but we went last weekend in the morning, right after church.  It is SO gorgeous there.  So much to explore, great for families, couples (we went on dates there in the BC era), and all ages.  It’s a bit of a hassle with a toddler, but everything is a hassle with a toddler.


Top 5 reasons why I love Root Glen:

The Magic of Root Glen! www.theshortesttallman.com5.  Local– and forces me to drive through the cute village of Clinton
4.  Educational– every plant is labeled, you can discuss the science of it all with your family
3.  Well-kempt– it is maintained by Hamilton College, the paths are well groomed
2.  Magical– I mean, it’s gorgeous.  Breathtaking.
1.  It has so many layers:  you could make it as challenging or as simple of a stroll as you like.  Maybe versatile is the word I’m looking for.  There’s gorgeous lawns, sitting areas, the deep darkness of the steep glen, so many types of trees and wildlife, I could go on and on!  There’s just so much to take in on so many levels, I could see this being a place of beauty to visit at all stages of life.  And, it’s a 4 seasons type of place- the trails work for hiking as well as cross country skiing and snowshoeing (not that I do any of that crap.  But people do.)  It’s a perfect place for people who aren’t big-time hikers to visit.

The Magic of Root Glen! www.theshortesttallman.comIt took me traveling to Europe to appreciate the beauty of New York State.  It was the moment when I was on a day trip to the rolling hills of England, during my semester in London, when I said to myself, “this landscape looks EXACTLY like driving on the thruway between Utica and Sharon Springs.”  We really live in a Thomas Kinkade-esque environment in this part of the world, and I think people locally are increasingly appreciating the natural beauty of Upstate NY.

PERFECT place for a photo shoot- family photos, wedding photos, engagement shots, senior photos.  We did a family photo shoot there (it was about 90 degrees!  Steamy!), and those pictures are some of my most cherished family photos.

I highly recommend visiting Root Glen if you’re around Clinton, NY on a decent weather day!  Although, we’ve been there while it’s lightly raining, and it just turns into a magical fairyland!!!

The Magic of Root Glen! www.theshortesttallman.comIdeal day trip in Clinton:  on a Thursday in the summer, visit Root Glen in the morning, then head down the hill to the Clinton Farmer’s Market for lunch, crafts, and of course, produce.  OR- this is what we did:  Root Glen in the morning, Nicky Doodles in the New Hartford Shopping Center for lunch.  It was perfection.

I have these visions of sugar plums dance in their heads me and the girls bringing books with us to the Root Glen, sitting and reading together, and then getting coffee in town.  I suppose sugar plums dancing is a more likely scenario.  Sounds delightful though, right?

Root Glen is no secret among locals, but in case you live around here and you haven’t been, what are you waiting for??  What local nature-y place do you love?

The Magic of Root Glen!

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