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Verdad o falso? Baxter, you know I don't speak Spanish!

Verdad o falso? Baxter, you know I don’t speak Spanish!

I am definitely a newbie at blogging.  But I thought I’d share how I got into blogging, and some of the nuts and bolts of it all.

I decided to start blogging when I feel like I wanted to say more than what you’d usually say on Facebook, which was the main social media site I’d use.  I liked the idea that someone could go to my blog, see only my stuff, instead of seeing a feed of all different content that the user subscribed to.  Also, I found that I was overusing Facebook.

So, I googled.  Googling is a great starting point for basically any decision in life lol.  I decided that I wanted to keep it simple and not pay for anything, so I tried blogger.  And it satisfied those needs perfectly, and I definitely recommend blogger.  Blogger is Google’s blog platform (I hope I’m using that term “platform” properly haha!).  If you have a gmail, you can create a with your gmail login.

So, I was happily blogging via blogger for almost a year.  This summer, I got more into my blogging, and starting googling ways to take it to the next level.  There were some things I noticed in my research, kept coming up over and over about setting up a blog:  you should self-host, and you should use WordPress.  Now, if you truly are just simply blogging on a small scale, blogger is fine, and so is using a free blog.  But, people whose blogs sort of evolved into a business seemed to strongly suggest hosting, and using WordPress.  Serious bloggers were saying, really, just start off you blog this way from the get-go, you’ll save yourself headaches later if you want to customize it more or make money from blogging.  I decided I was ready to take the next step, so I decided to go all out and buy a domain name, host it, and use the highly-recommended WordPress blog/website creation tool.  Here, I totally used the “strength in numbers”/”everybody’s doing it” thought process lol.

It starts getting quite a bit more complicated when you leave blogger.  It’s still very doable, but there is some learning involved, if you have no knowledge of this stuff (like me).  My husband has already used to buy domains, so he was encouraging me to use that.  I have read quite a bit from (great starting point if you’re interested in blogging!), and she recommended BlueHost.  Either way, what I came to learn was that I wanted to find somebody that I could host with, choose my own domain (so I would be instead of or, and use WordPress.  So, I went on, clicked on “hosting”, then clicked on “wordpress hosting.”  From there, it takes you through it.  One recommendation I have is to go with the whoisit privacy protection… I guess when you have a website, you have to say who you are, where you live, a way to contact you- with this protection in place, a 3rd party sort of handles that for you, so if someone tries to look up your information, they end up at this 3rd party.  Anyone who is actually technically literate in this stuff is probably cringing at this explanation, but it’s about as good as I’ve got it at the moment!

Once you get on WordPress via godaddy hosting, that’s when you really get “blogging.”  The dashboard that GoDaddy has for WordPress web hosting is pretty freakin awesome, easy to navigate.  I am sticking with a WordPress created theme, TwentyEleven is what I’m currently using.  I didn’t want to try to get all fancy with themes and customizing etc. etc. since I have no idea what I’m really doing here.  The themes created by WordPress are fully supported, so there’s less chance of running into problems with updates, etc.

I’m nowhere fancy in what I do, but I’m where I’m at through searching the internet for blogging tips, WordPress tips (pinterest is helpful here), as well as viewing the Video Tutorials on my “dashboard” and even just going to GoDaddy’s live chat.  They’ll answer WordPress questions!  I kinda thought they’d be like, nah, that’s WordPress land.  Maybe if you start getting into fancy stuff they won’t, but the beginner stuff I asked about (parent theme vs. child theme), they helped me out with.

So, that’s kind of where I’m at right now.  I’ve come a long way, but I still have a lot to learn.  I have so much fun doing it and figuring stuff out, that it’s worth any struggles I have with it.  There is something super fun about having real estate on the internet!  I apologize to anyone who has a handle on this stuff and is just shaking their head reading this post.  It must be very frustrating for you.  Oh, go get a glass of water.

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