First day of work-school

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Welp, tomorrow is the day I’ve been dreading all summer:  the day I go back to work.  I love being a SAHM.  But alas, I can only enjoy it on my days off from my day job (which thankfully, being a teacher, is a pretty generous schedule).

I always have extra boxes on hand.  For emergencies.

I always have extra boxes on hand. For emergencies.  (BTW don’t you love my happy mixer??  It’s one of my favorite things.)

To help me cope, and to help my coworkers cope, I am bringing in two baked treats.  They are not homemade from scratch, but homemade enough.  And there should be enough sugar in here to wash away my blues tomorrow morning!  Also, most of the other guys in my department are guys, so I try to help them cope with having to deal with me and my female obnoxiousness by bringing in treats from time to time.  I’d like to think I will be completely on my game tomorrow, but I might be a total beast, so at least I’ll come with these in hand:

  • Blueberry bundt cake (see this post from my old blog for the recipe.  It’s nothing genius whatsoever.  But it’s easy and delicious.  And the fresh blueberries I bought from Savicki’s Farm Market are just asking to be baked in something sugary.
  • Brownies (Betty Crocker’s, cuz I don’t feel like spending more than 5 minutes preparing them!  Otherwise if you’re looking for the best brownie recipe in the world, click here.

I’ll have my shakeology in the morning, and maybe scoot over to Utica Coffee Roasters for post-lunch pick me up, and I just might survive.