Morning and Nighttime Routines for Kids!


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“It’s the same as last night!”

That quote is from me, every. flipping. night. seriously.

Kids (secretly) love routines.  Kids need routines.  But, boy, they sure seem to stray from routines whenever possible.  Our bedtime routine takes way too long, and our morning routine often involves fussing.  So we are trying this:

Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance

I asked my oldest last night what we have to do every morning and every night.  I typed it up, printed it out 2x, one for each kid, and put them in sleeve protectors.  I taped them to the bathroom wall, and left a dry erase marker on the ledge above.  Leaving the marker where they can access whenever might prove to be a tragic mistake, but I’m hoping not.  So far, they are both excited to cross off what they’ve done.  I’m hoping it will help them to visualize the tasks that just have to be done every day.  Originally, I was going to print out photos and make little posters, but this might do well enough.  Especially since Molly can read, I think this will work.  Will let you know!

We are also incorporating a chores/allowance app into our routine, but we haven’t really done anything with it yet.  It looks promising.  There are so many amazing apps out there.  On a totally random note, both of us have been using the “Water Minder” app to track how much water we drink in a day.  It’s simple to use, reminds us to have a drink via notifications, and you can track how far you are in your water intake for the day.

Here’s another thought, too- we’ve made poster-sized weekly calendars the last few years to help our kids know what was going on each day.  There was a year that our daughter was going to one school twice a week, another school thrice a week (ha), and also took ballet and gymnastics.  So I took pictures of the schools and her in her ballet/gymnastics outfits, printed out 4×6’s at Walgreens, and taped them onto a very simple and very big week-view calendar for her.  We have done it 3 times I believe now; haven’t made one for this year, just because everybody is going to the same school every day, and I don’t think they need it just for activities.  But, if it seems like they are overwhelmed or confused, I might make one just to show activities.  Actually, it would be pretty easy to make one that shows everything for all 3 kids.  It would be kinda cool to look at…. the gears are turning.  Maybe I’ll make one after all.  haha we’ll see.