Baby Gear Must Haves!

TheShortestTallman’s Baby Gear Top 5

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Recently, my best friend had her first baby.  It was so exciting hearing about her experiences as a first time pregnant/first time mom.  When it came time for her baby shower, it made me think about what baby items I couldn’t live without.  Like a wedding registry, you end up having to pick stuff out that you will use on a daily basis (or more occasionally), and you really have no idea what you should go for.  And, there’s always the struggle between functionality and “ohhh that’s so pretty!”  🙂

Baby Gear Must Haves!


So here’s TheShortestTallman’s can’t-live-without-it baby gear items (in no particular order):

1.  The Bouncer: Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer

This is the item that all 3 of my newborns spent the most time happy as a clam.  It’s portable, lightweight, and inexpensive.  This is one of the few items I did not register for, but by the time my oldest was a few weeks old, I decided to buy one of these.  She loved her swing (which I’ll mention below), but it was large and not easily portable.  Bouncers don’t do anything fancy, which I think is why sometimes people overlook it.  It is a very basic item, but has all that is necessary:  it keeps the baby in a nice incline (I would imagine it would be great for babies with reflux); has some interesting hanging toys for them to play with as they get a bit older; it allows the baby to bounce a bit when they kick their cute little legs; and it has a great vibrating function that all 3 of my babes were totally soothed by.  With other items, it can be a matter of opinion (or baby’s opinion), but this one here I really don’t think any baby could go wrong with!  I highly recommend!


2.  The Bottle: Playtex BPA Free Premium Nurser Bottles with Drop In Liners Gift Set

Now, this item is also a no-frills type of item.  There are way fancier, way more expensive bottles.  And for you glass bottle people- we were those people for a couple months, until our first went to daycare and they don’t allow glass bottles!  We continued with the Medela nipples and purchased cheapo Gerber bottles that fit them (not sure if they still do).  Then one day, I actually tried the sample of the Playtex Drop Ins I got from my pediatrician.  Holy smokes.  We saved ourselves so much time and energy washing bottles.  No, they are not the most environmentally friendly:  you are using a new liner (ideally lol) every time you make a bottle.  But, they are recyclable, and I’m just a mom trying to survive.  First time moms, you do your thing, use your Dr. Brown’s (that look wretched to wash, not that I’d know from experience), make your baby food, but when you get to your second child, click on the link for the Playtex Drop Ins and you’ll be very happy you did. (OK I’m being judgy. One of my friends makes her own baby food and I’m seriously jelly that she does that!)


3.  The Swing: Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle and Swing

The features on this swing are great.  It’s a papasan-style swing, can swing sideways or front/back, plays various types of rainforest/environmental sounds and lullabies, can be in set in two different inclined positions, and have several speed settings… well, our older model sure did, so I would assume that this newer model is either comparable or maybe even cooler. Our oldest slept in this swing for probably her first 3 months, since she hated sleeping in her crib.  Lots of ways to customize the experience for your own baby’s preferences.  Thumbs up!


4.  The Blanket: SwaddleMe Original Swaddle 2-PK, Woodland Friends (LG)

This was another item we discovered a couple weeks after our first was born.  This thing made all the difference in the world in getting our newborns to sleep!  Swaddling newborns when they are very new isn’t so difficult with a regular blanket, but when they start to get more wiggly, but are still young enough to prefer that tight, cozy-in-the-womb feel, these are the bomb.


5.  The (standard) Stroller: Chicco Cortina CX Travel System, Iron

Now, there’s lots of strollers on the market.  This is the main one we had, and it has some great features that were important for us:  easily folds up, isn’t too terribly heavy, cup holder, flip top holder for small items (very handy for taking walks and having someplace up top to put your phone, keys, etc.), large basket for storage, the stroller is very adjustable and fits the car seat it comes with very well, and the major feature for us was the adjustable height for the handle.  It’s easy to maneuver, too.

We’ve been everywhere with this stroller, and it’s held up very well after 3 kids.  It’s not the fanciest; our good friends ride in style with the “cadillac” of strollers, the Uppa Baby, which they are very happy with. For the price, we’ve been very happy with the array of features provided by our Chicco (pronounced “kee-ko”).  We ended up purchasing the double stroller version of the Chicco when we had two kids, which we were also happy with.

I would also like to give a shoutout to the City Mini Double.  This thing is awesome.  We ended up buying a double jogging stroller at a garage sale for $50 that has done the trick very well (especially considering the cost!), but if I had extra moolah hanging around, I would totally go for a new or used (which I looked for, but most people were selling it for at least $200 on craigslist) City Mini.  We met this lovely stroller on one of our Disney vacations- we decided to rent a nice double stroller through, and we got this puppy.  It was about $100 for a week, and it was well worth it for this nice upgrade, and not having to deal with a stroller in the airport.  We loved it so much, when we went back to disney a couple of years later, we rented it again.  It’s super comfy for the kids on a marathon day like DisneyWorld.  Great investment!

Hope you enjoyed my tips!  Like all baby advice, it’s a matter of opinion, and at the end of the day, there’s a huge variety of baby products because all of these companies make plenty of $$$ selling their own versions.  What baby items were can’t-live-without for your family?


Baby Gear Must Haves!