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Fall = Apple and Pumpkin

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Pumpkin spice latte jokes have broken the internet as of late.  With good reason, if you haven’t had one, you probably will.  I, for one, don’t actually prefer pumpkin spice lattes.  Now, peppermint mocha lattes during the Christmas season, that’s a heck yes!  But I do love most things pumpkin.  Just not in my coffee.

Fall = Apple + Pumpkin! www.theshortesttallman.comI posted a similar post last year, and i guess it’s because every fall, I do similar activities.  Two of those being making pumpkin and apple baked goods.  Today, I shall share the recipes I found for apple cake and pumpkin chocolate chip loaf I made this past weekend.  They are “must-try”s!!! And the apple corer, peeler, slicer tool I bought, that I think was inspired by medieval-era engineering!

The oven was busy.

The oven was busy.

Recipe #1: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread (Sally’s Baking Addiction!)

Who doesn’t love a sweet bread???

(here’s an aside- I googled the definition of sweetbread to make sure I was using the right word, since I am an amateur at best in the kitchen, and apparently a sweetbread is NOT a bread that is sweet.  It sounds fancy and potentially dreadful lol!!!)

Banana bread, pumpkin bread, coffee cake… sweet mother of happy calories.  I highly recommend this pumpkin chocolate chip bread recipe; I’ve been using it for a while now.  Pumpkin and chocolate is like lemon and chicken- meant for each other.

Secret ingredient- some OJ!  I plan on making it again, and actually freezing the second loaf.  Instead of eating both in one week.  One problem I ran into last weekend when I made them was that I overcooked them:  in my oven, it definitely required the full baking time, and a few minutes more, but a few minutes beyond the few minutes will ruin your edges.  Besides, it will continue to bake (barely, but a bit) even after you pull it out.  The pan is still hot, after all.

Recipe #2: German Apple Cale (Allrecipes)

Apple cake is a Tallman family favorite, as Grandma Tallman is famous for her apple cake.  I tried this one last fall, and I got the thumbs up from my FIL, so I knew it was legit.  The batter is thick stuff, and it’s obviously super healthy for you because you use fresh apples.  Dee-freakin-lish.

Now, one little thing I want to mention is this fabulous little tool:  Victorio Apple Peeler Slicer Corer.  I blogged about this last year I think on my old blog, lifeisbutadreammaggie.blogspot.com.  I borrowed my sis-in-law’s last year; this year I bought my own.  It is amazing. It takes the hassle out of processing apples for any apple treat.  And, it’s not a piece of junk.  I remember seeing a similar product probably 10 years ago and figured it was junk and would break easily; not this one.  Well-made, and let’s be honest SUPER FUN TO USE.  I’m making Pillsbury’s Perfect Apple Pie today, just so I can use that medieval apple device.  It’s easy for kids and weak adults.

Apple victory with the Victorio!

Apple victory with the Victorio!

What Fall Treats are musts in your house?

Here are a couple of random pics from our Sunday.  We took a little bike ride on a local trail.  Hope your fall is as lovely as ours has been so far!

Sunday socks! And if you look closely, you'll see a blur of my 2nd child trying to kick my first child! Sweet little cherubs, they are :)

Sunday socks! And if you look closely, you’ll see a blur of my 2nd child trying to kick my first child! Sweet little cherubs, they are 🙂

Made me happy to see 5 helmets in the trunk. God is good!

Made me happy to see 5 helmets in the trunk. God is good!


Fall = Apple + Pumpkin! www.theshortesttallman.com

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