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A part of my identity is my music, despite this being my first (and only thus far) blog post about it!  The MOM and WORK hats have dominated my life for the last few years, but deep down inside is soprano Maggie.

I’m working on a Mozart piece to sing at Mass this weekend (yes, my organist likes to exploit my education.  Which I suppose is fine, I’m still paying for my college loans so I might as well use it to its fullest!)  The piece is Laudate Dominum by Mozart, if you care.

Maria Callas

Anyway, it got me thinking… what type of soprano am I?  When talking choralistically (ha, that is a great word that I just made up!), soprano is simply the highest of the basic four voice types, soprano/alto/tenor/bass.  But any soprano who takes their stuff seriously, they know that they fit within a certain subtype, or fach.  FACH YOU don’t know what that means?  hehe it was there, I had to do it.  Use your punctuation, kids.

Wikipedia has a basic, basic description of the soprano subtypes.

This NPR article explains it in slightly more detail, with listening examples of notable sopranos.  I listened to each one to try to figure out where I fall… I think I might be a lyric or maybe towards a spinto-lyric, but then again, I’m a bit out of practice these days, and I think it’s the kind of thing that another (more knowledgeable) person would need to sort of match you to.  It’s kinda hard to listen to yourself while singing.  Doesn’t matter a whole lot, other than if you’re going to do some heavy-duty singing, you’re going to want to do material that suits your voice best, to be the most successful, confident, and healthy.

Had I not been trampling on my instrument over the last ten years by teaching full time, it may have been a bit different, lighter, more agile.  But, girl’s gotta pay her bills.  I do what I can, and try my best to take it easy and prevent as much damage as possible.  Can you tell this is a bit of an emotional area for me?  🙂  It’s all good, I’ll be back to wearing my soprano hat more often eventually.  I feel very blessed to have this project, waiting in the wings for me to explore in depth again.  Besides, I think most singers hit their peak in their 30s.  Perfect timing 🙂

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