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The Blog Log #1: Amour for France

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Howdy!  I’m starting a new weekly series, entitled “The Blog Log.”  The statistics for how many blogs are out there are mind-blogging.  It’s something like, 6 in every 5 people have a blog.  Whatevs, there’s a lot.  So, I thought I’d share with you some nifty one’s I’ve found.  I’m not going to follow any particular theme; they might be well-established, just starting out, about a very specific topic, or just caught my eye for some reason, but I thought it was worthy of sharing with you fine people 🙂

5237960181_a17f66f377_bNow, on to today’s blog.  I was pinteresting the other night and came across a cute little blog that is pretty well established and has a modern look-  It is indeed for the Francophile:  anyone who loves all things French!  How fun is that?  Distant Francophile is an Australian couple who are francophiles, and attempt with their website to be the “go-to place for anyone looking for French travel tips and French inspiration.”  These guys are legit, and travel the 22-hour flight from Melbourne to Paris at least once per year.  They share travel advice for when you actually visit France, as well as various ways to Frenchify your life, including a weekly post called, “French Friday.”  If you have any sort of wanderlust directed at Paris, Provence, or anywhere in France, you’ll love this website.

We have a tie to Paris:  we got engaged there 10 years ago this month!!!