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Meal Planning Ideas

Meal Planning, take 402.

Love checking out wayyyy better blogs than my own.  I found a great idea on Cupcake Diaries!  Get a load of this cute menu planner!  I chose the yellow one. I mean really, blogs are such a great resource! Now, I’ve tried a number of meal planning strategies, and I never seem to make it to week 2.  Which is pretty pathetic.…

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Cooking With a Toddler at Home.

Cooking with a toddler in the home

This title sounds like a housewife how-to.  In this post, I will not provide any helpful tips whatsoever.  I will be venting only.  Choose your next 3 minutes wisely. Motherhood, in my experience, can be likened to running on various hamster wheels.  Often, I’m running off and on each one, trying to keep them all spinning simultaneously with my short…

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