Cooking With a Toddler at Home.

Cooking with a toddler in the home

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This title sounds like a housewife how-to.  In this post, I will not provide any helpful tips whatsoever.  I will be venting only.  Choose your next 3 minutes wisely.

Cooking With a Toddler at Home.

But dat face tho.

Motherhood, in my experience, can be likened to running on various hamster wheels.  Often, I’m running off and on each one, trying to keep them all spinning simultaneously with my short little stumpy legs.  The balancing act is for another day.  Today, I will vent about one particular wheel:  the meal wheel.


Good Housekeeping from 1928!

And really, there’s two meal wheels- a wheel within a wheel.  Ezekiel saw da wheel way up in the middle of de air, and Ezekiel’s mother saw two wheels, a wheel in a wheel.  The wheel of “you’ve got to be kidding, it’s meal time again, I still haven’t done the dishes from the last meal” wheel- that’s the outer wheel.  This is the inner wheel- the specific-to-this-meal wheel.  The process of cooking one, solitary, questionably-edible meal.

(Can you see my sanity?  Because I can’t.)

Cooking With a Toddler at Home... www.theshortesttallman.comSo the wheel goes like this:  I have many days where I make nonsense for meals- chicken nuggets and french fries, boxed mac & cheese, hot dogs…. then I get sick of eating nonsense and ordering takeout.  So I think, I can handle a simple meal.  I have the energy tonight, I have the ingredients, I should do this, because I’m a mom and one of my jobs is preparing meals for my family.  I decided to make meatballs (in the oven, so we’re talking pretty easy), jarred sauce (actually, Hunt’s canned sauce, because that’s where I’m at), and spaghetti.

Should be easy peasy.  Bonus is that we’d only eat half the meatballs, so I can freeze the other half for another time.  Perfect.  This will be great.

Just dancing around the mess.

Just dancing around the mess.

No, it won’t be great.  I will be frustrated trying to navigate in my cluttered kitchen, trying to find clean materials to use, and all the while making sure my toddler doesn’t hurt himself on something.  Which translates to hearing him fuss for a long time because he doesn’t like not being able to do whatever asinine thing he wants to do.  Like climb on the kitchen table.

Now keep in mind, I’m feeding them spaghetti and red sauce.  So you can imagine the aftermath.

Which perpetuates the problem.  Then I am like, why would I cook if it causes me craziness.  So then I make nonsense meals for a while.  Then I feel guilty, and tired of eating stupid stuff, then I decide to cook.  And we’ve have completed a full rotation on the inner meal-wheel!  Bam.

Moral of the story is:  today is Monday, and I should have ordered Moe’s burritos because they’re $5.55 on Mondays.

Cooking With a Toddler at Home.

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