Meal Planning Ideas

Meal Planning, take 402.

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Love checking out wayyyy better blogs than my own.  I found a great idea on Cupcake Diaries!  Get a load of this cute menu planner!  I chose the yellow one. I mean really, blogs are such a great resource!

Now, I’ve tried a number of meal planning strategies, and I never seem to make it to week 2.  Which is pretty pathetic.  This one looked smarter to me though.  I printed it out, stopped at Dollar General and bought a cheap 8 1/2 x 11 frame, and a pack of dry erase markers, and voila!

Meal Planning Ideas

Wicked cute, right? And it’s actually working for me!

I am currently on week 3, so, so far, so good!  In addition to this, I brainstormed (yet again) easy meal ideas that my family enjoys, plopped that in my momager binder for reference later.  I went grocery shopping, armed with a list that was reflective of my meal ideas list and the upcoming week meal plan, and I shopped much more smartly than usual.  I’m the queen of starting something and not following through, but this one has hope!

Meat ready for meals in coming weeks. I always mean to do this, and it rarely happens!

Meat ready for meals in coming weeks. I always mean to do this, and it rarely happens!


Meal Planning Ideas

Thanks, Toddler. Thanks. I actually don’t prefer the Teriyaki sauce on the floor with shards of glass.

Now, as for meals…

If you’re feeling uninspired about cooking kid-friendly meals, here is an anthology of ideas that may work for you. Look, some of you have kids that eat healthy stuff. You know, green things. Leafy things. Things that grow from the ground. You’re not out there searching for ways to hide healthy foods into their diet, or considering bribes or blackmail to get your kids to eat certain things. For some of you, your kids don’t eat chicken nuggets as one of their food groups. As for my kids? They like some fruits and veggies, but not a ton, so I have to be strategic.

Meal Planning Ideas

This pic was taken at the Utica Children’s Museum 🙂 Too bad he doesn’t actually do my shopping for me!

There’s nothing too revolutionary here, but sometimes just looking at a list of ideas will get you feeling inspired in no time. I canvassed my FB friends about what their go-to kid-friendly meals were, and here is what we have:

  • “Risi e bisi! It’s a Venetian rice dish with bacon, peas and Parmesan cheese. Lovely as a side or a main with some griddles asparagus. Works every time! :)”
  • “Pasta & meatballs”
  • “I bake them, bc I don’t have to watch them as closely and can fit TONS in the oven :)”
  • “Mac and cheese!!! Homemade cheese sauce and I throw in broccoli or tomatoes and sometimes use Apple chicken sausage. Delicious.”
  • “Try wonton soup, chicken tetrazzini, chicken pot pie, and lo mein!”
  • “Nothing. My kids will eat nothing.”
  • “Same here…unless it’s a breakfast food.”
  • “Tonight I am making kielbasa and rice with broccoli. Two out of three eat it!”
  • “Breakfast for dinner, pasta, steak” (I would assume not in one meal, ha!)
  • “Ham, peas and Mac n cheese (really ham is already cooked so you’re just heating it up!)”
  • “Tomato bisque soup with rotini noodles added to it (make it with milk instead of water, and can add a little cheese to it, too)”
  • “We make pasta sauce and soups in big batches and freeze them. Less prep the next time and both freeze very well!”
  • “Brussels sprouts; crockpot tortellini soup; enchiladas; tacos; red lentil chili; tortilla soup; Greek chicken (baked or grilled); turkey burgers; baked sweet potato fries; grilled fish”
  • “Tacos in any form, meatballs and pasta, grilled chicken rice and veg.”
  • “Panko bread crumb chicken!”

For my house, my usuals are:

What kid-friendly meals work in your house?  Please share, I’m ALWAYS looking for ideas for my picky eaters!  I’d love to use this post as a work-in-progress, and update with more ideas!