Back at the grind

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Well, back to the grind tomorrow. I’ve been enjoying my time as a sahm mom over break, but I guess since I did get it all the time, it helps me appreciate it when I do!

Anyway, just wanted to share a couple of things we did over break that I highly recommend!

Rockin’ Jump

Rockin' Jump fun!

Rockin’ Jump fun!

One of the most popular family activities lately is the craze over trampoline parks. I am not interested to encourage my kids on a regular home trampoline outdoors, but these trampoline parks seem much safer. One moved in to town about a month ago, and we finally made it there over break. They have a “tot time” on Saturday mornings and a couple of weekday mornings. That’s what we did, since my youngest is a toddler.

We all had a great experience. It was fairly quiet there, although lots of similar families to my own. The youngsters were able to wander freely from area to area without being run over by teenagers or older children. It was so much fun!  Although it wasn’t spotless, it was pretty darn clean, certainly clean enough for me to want to come back. I see a birthday party there in our future!  This was a saving grace after a hole was left in active indoor family fun after Rough N Tumble closed. It’s nice having a choice in indoor activities, especially given the climate of upstate NY!

Cost us about $32 (3 kids, 1 adult), but next time it will be cheaper since I had to invest in their special (and reusable) socks this go-round.

Special tip:  mothers who have given birth, don’t forget protection. You know the kind. You’re going to want to jump, too!

Disney on Ice

The Finale!

The Finale!

This was a Girl Scout outing that was coordinated by our troop leader. Wouldn’t have done this on our own, since we saw Disney Live in the fall. I recommend both!!!  I took my girls to Disney on Ice, they both loved it. We sat in the cheap seats way up high, giving us a great view. There were no bad seats at the war memorial oncenter insyracuse. Mickey and Minnie hosted the show, where they told the stories of 3 princesses:  Snow White, Cinderella, and Rapunzel. It was really neat to see how the performance was able to utilize the unique medium of figure skating to help tell the story. The Rapunzel story was the most enthralling- Rapunzel and Flynn flew in the air numerous times by hanging on a scarf, supposed to be Rapunzel’s hair. Very cool. The end totally got me, even as an adult. All of the princesses came out, with their beaus, for a final ballroom dance and introduction, with the finale being all dancing to the upbeat song that is featured during then credits of Tangled. It was so much fun!  The show definitely got me in my “Disney side”!!!

Cost:  we got group tickets for $16pp, but like I said I think the cheapest seats were still great. Plus you could spread out more.

Special tip:  bring baby wipes so you can wipe your fingers clean of the cotton candy you’ll be eating!  It was so annoying sitting there with sticky fingers, kids and adults alike.

(whoops!  This post was meant to be published in early January.)