Blog Log #3

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Ribbit, ribbit!

Ribbit, ribbit!

Hi again!  As I’m getting back into the swing of things with blogging, I am going back to the Blog Log feature.  This find was very exciting to me, and I found her very easily.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I dream of becoming a SAHM.  Not that I don’t love my job or that I think it’s going to be easier, (p’shaw), but rather, I want to.  Parenting in general is difficult, but when I take stock of my strengths, weaknesses, interests… I always end up dreaming of a different way than what we’re currently doing.

Anyway, I’ve concocted a crazy idea in my head that I will become a SAHM.  It is happening.  I’m not sure when, although I’ve got some ideas about that, too.  Either way, I’m looking for ideas and strategies of the great big HOW to make that happen.  This blog had some great, realistic posts about how to become a SAHM.  The sacrifices, the realities, various approaches… Jessi has created some great tips for anyone interested in taking the leap, or at least looking into it as an option.