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An East Utica Gem: The Florentine Pastry Shop

Time for another review by theshortesttallman! One of the neat parts of living in the Northeast is its long history.  Utica has been an established city for a few hundred years now.  Many consider its heyday to be the mid-twentieth century, which was its peak in city population.  It has evolved a lot over the last 50 years, which has…

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“Marching” to Easter!

Hi everyone!  March has been very busy here.  When is it not busy, actually?? I’ve had some fun things going on in TheShortestTallman kitchen.  The Tallest Tallman had a couple of staff meetings at the garage, and although they are, in a way, an inconvenience to things at home, I love to provide a snack for these meetings.  Although I…

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7 Reasons Why Boston is the Greatest City in the Universe!

7 Reasons Boston is the Greatest City in the Universe.

Cuz I love that dirty water… Boston, you’re my home. Doot doot… doot doo-doot……  doot doot… doot doo-doot. (The Standells) Boston is the greatest city in the universe.  I elaborate: 1.          History:  America was born here. Plymouth Rock is nearby-ish (Plymouth is a lovely day trip out of Boston-proper).  The freedom trail hits it all, hits all the historical landmarks…

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Who doesn’t love mail?

Just wanted to post a reminder that you can subscribe to my blog via email!  On the right side, you’ll see a place where you can enter your email address and receive blog updates (only, no spam or shenanigans) straight to your email address.  Well, I suppose is a shenanigan in of itself, so I suppose it is technically…

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