We love The Florentine Pastry Shop!

An East Utica Gem: The Florentine Pastry Shop

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The Florentine Pastry Shop, Bleecker St., Utica, NY

Time for another review by theshortesttallman!

One of the neat parts of living in the Northeast is its long history.  Utica has been an established city for a few hundred years now.  Many consider its heyday to be the mid-twentieth century, which was its peak in city population.  It has evolved a lot over the last 50 years, which has included an urban sprawl into the suburbs.  The chain stores and restaurants, all the “bells and whistles” that are found in New Hartford, in particular, but the city of Utica itself has evolved, too.  Growing up, I didn’t think I’d stay here, but now seeing that I am theshortesttallman, I’m anchored right in this geographical spot for life.  My memories of this area growing up, compared to what is happening now, has been pretty neat to experience.  We’ve got all kinds of new stuff going on in the city now, new ideas and businesses.  One of the beautiful things about the city is that although there’s all kinds of great new places to experience, we still have some gems around town, landmarks that everyone knows and everyone still goes to.

One of those awesome places is The Florentine Pastry Shop.  (Everyone just calls it “The Florentine” 🙂  )

The Florentine opened in 1928, and is located on Bleecker Street in Utica.  I think it qualifies as East Utica??  Or maybe downtown.  I guess maybe it’s the eastern side of downtown.  Bleecker street’s evolution is a perfect example of how the city has evolved; there’s still lots of Italian names on signs, but you also have the influence of the newer populations that are increasing in the city.  Absolutely worth a trip out “to the city”- as my kids call Utica!  haha! We love The Florentine Pastry Shop!

Our gorgeous wedding cake made by The Florentine Pastry Shop!

With The Florentine, you’ve got your gold standard Italian pastries you can count on, as well as modern cakes made by a truly artistic staff.  Jared has made a few very important cakes for our family over the last ten years, including elaborate birthday cakes and even our wedding cake.  Being a budget-conscious gal, I find their prices to be very reasonable, too.  I remember hunting around for wedding cakes when we were engaged, and I really had my heart set on fondant.  I wanted that smooth look.  When I saw what Jared could create with buttercream frosting (I think it was buttercream?), give it that super smooth look, I was very pleased that I could have a cake that both looked and tasted great (everyone knows fondant tastes like garbage!), and we could actually afford it.  The birthday cakes we’ve ordered from The Florentine have been absolutely gorgeous, handmade and hand drawn (hand.  flipping.  drawn.).  I know Jared and his family personally, they are great great people and it’s nice knowing that when you support a small business, you’re really supporting your own community. We love The Florentine Pastry Shop!

Birthday cake a la The Florentine!

It’s just cool that I just picked up my daughter’s birthday cake from the same bakery, made by the same baker, as we had purchased our wedding cake from ten years ago.  Just makes me warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

I spent a lot of time talking about their cakes.  Their pastries are the best in town.  Their pusties are divine.  Pasticiotti, se si vuole essere di fantasia!  One of my friends, Pete, is a real foodie and lives in Syracuse.  He is probably better versed in the local eateries in Utica than I am!  And he will on occasion pickup a box of The Florentine’s pusties to share at a meeting.  Today I picked up a Peanut Butter Bomb for an afternoon pick-me-up for the Tallest Tallman. We love The Florentine Pastry Shop!

One cooler of pastries. Couldn’t take more photos because I had all the little ones with me. See the peanut butter bomb???  See my chunky thighs in the reflection?  ha!!

I didn’t bother asking how it was because I know exactly how it was.  It’s common practice around here to have your wedding cake supplemented by pastries, and The Florentine is the pastry of choice!

Also, for your app-y people out there,  their rating is 4.5 (out of 5) on Yelp with 22 reviews; and 4.5 (out of 5) on TripAdvisor with 40 reviews.  So I have evidence to back up my claim that they rock!

I always like to end a blog post with a question (that are rarely answered haha):  Which Italian pastry is your favorite?  For me, it’s a chocolate pustie.  And I always have to ask, I can never remember which design on top is the chocolate one!

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