Supermom Spring To Do List!

The SuperMom Spring To-Do List

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Supermom Spring To Do List!

Hello and good morning!  Spring is such a great time to feel refreshed, take stock of things, come out of your hibernation, etc.  I kinda tend to look at Spring as a period of prep for Summer; likewise, Fall as a period of prep for Winter.  I guess because the weather is in between, and heading into the extreme of the year.  Below, I’ve compiled a hodge podge list of items to tackle to improve your Spring, and start off Summer on the right foot (literally, with the final item on the list!):

  1. Replenish your sidewalk chalk supply.  I just bought a Crayola 48-pack for $4.99 at Target.
  2. If you don’t already have a snack box in your pantry for little hands to pick something, get a small bin and fill ‘er up!

    The Supermom Spring To-Do List!

    The clear bin in my pantry for kids snacks. See the snack size baggies of snacks I portioned in advance? (How’d that dum dum get in there?)

  3. Make travel baggies especially for grab-n-go snacks:  buy the snack size baggies (which I generally find useless, but for this application is perfect), a big box of goldfish, cheerios, animal crackers, etc. and like an assembly line, fill each snack bag so you’ve got a good supply of snacks to grab on your way out the door to practice or the park.  Remembering back to last summer, I could sometimes spend a ridiculous amount of time putting together snacks. It’s so much faster if I already have snacks at the ready, and so much cheaper than buying the single-serves.
  4. Clean out your vacuum:  if you’ve got a Dyson, you can wash the filters under cool running water, and rinse out the cyclone assembly and the canister.  It is a dirty job, but everything will probably run smoother.  Idk.  Basically, I just did this, and figured it is something that fits within the them of this post as a “spring cleaning” item.  Ha!  Of course, check manufacturer guidelines.
  5. Revamp your car bin:  we have a canvas basket that I got at TJ Maxx a while back that is meant for carrying essentials in the car:  extra diapers, wipes, tissues, first aid supplies, change of clothes (including underwear! for each kid), coloring book, crayons (careful leaving those in a hot car!), book, cheerios, small sunscreen… whatever you might need on the road to your local adventures!  You will feel like supermom (and avoid that feeling of death you have when your kid gets hurt and you aren’t prepared to help him) when you can whip out the icepack at the playground, especially if it’s needed for someone else’s kid.  That’s a gold star moment.
  6. Vacuum out your car, wipe down all interior surfaces.  You probably do this on a regular basis, right?  Definitely.  I won’t look in your car to check.
  7. Replenish your juice box and mini water bottle supply.  Yes, it is best to use reusable containers (we love these stainless ones from Target), but often enough, I find I’m off to a last-minute playdate at the park, or I’m short on time due to events being back to back, or- to just be real for a minute- I’m short on motivation.  Be real, and have some water bottles.  While we’re at it, buy some Uncrustables.  When you’re in a pinch, there’s worse things to feed your kids.  But, if you’re one of those amazing, natural, organic moms- I salute you, please just disregard #7.
  8. Plant something.  Plant a fairy garden.  Plant a Saint Mary garden (that’s on my list this year!).  Plant a container.  Buy some hanging baskets.  Of course, if you’ve got a green thumb, you’ll be doing your thing, which is way more than me.  But if you don’t usually do much with gardening, even having a container or two near your front door will make you feel good.  There’s something to be said about what realtors call, “curb appeal,” and there’s definitely something to be said about the calming effect of working with mother nature, even on a very small scale.  For Mother’s Day, I started a tradition where we invite the grandmothers over and we put together a container of annuals for them (and one for Mom, too!).  It’s very inexpensive, and very meaningful.  Last year, we decoupaged a couple of clay pots with my kids handprints (in advance so they were dry for planting), especially for each Grandmom (and me!), and we planted in those for Mother’s Day.  It’s a very calming, fun, low key way to spend a bit of time outdoors on Mother’s Day.
  9. Bike helmets.  Of course, it’s no question in my house as to whether or not they have to wear one, so I try to remember to check them early on to make sure they still fit so on the first nice day, we’re ready to rock and roll on our bikes.

    The Supermom Spring To-Do List!

    Dirt Pudding Cups. I know, not rocket science nor original. But a fun spring edible craft!

  10. Make dirt sundaes.  Just because, like yeah.  Instant pudding mix, mini graham cracker crusts, gummy worms, crushed Oreos (good thing there is you have to buy an entire package of Oreos to get the few that you need to crush.  So that’s a win-win.),
  11. Buy a s***load of hotdogs.  You know you’re going to go through them (again, if you had to ignore #7, please ignore this line item as well).  We now go through 6 in one sitting if Daddy’s home.  That’s almost a whole pack.  I used to buy the big pack of the Hofmann’s, but for kids, I’ve found just buying multiple packs of the skinless weiners works much better.  The skin is a little bit of a pain for them to deal with, and there’s a greater chance that you’ll have issues with picky eaters.
  12. Come up with a general weekly menu plan.  Monday’s is Pasta, Tuesday’s is Tacos, Wednesday’s is you get my point.  Makes your life so much easier.  Especially when you’re gearing up to simplify your life in the summer.  Menu planning, of course, is something that is essential in helping your home run smoothly year-round, but now is a great time to re-evaluate your menus and meal planning.  I am usually dedicated for a while, then it falls by the wayside, so I have to periodically get back into it because I really am more effective as a mom overall if I know food is straightened out.
  13. Buy yourself a new pair of flip flops and a lip gloss.  Are you really going to ask me why this is on the list??  You can’t argue with #13!  On the cheap?  The Rimmel “Stay Glossy” is pretty good stuff IMO.


Are you loving that title meme I made??  I did it on picmonkey, so easy!

What am I missing from the list????

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  • Alie May 23, 2016 at 2:21 am

    Okay I think I can do most of these things…no I will not stock up on hot dogs for my 9 month old, so please don’t alert the authorities 😉 But I think this is a great list thanks for sharing!


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