The Blog Log Series!

Blog Log #5: Teacher Summers

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Time for another installment of the Blog Log!

The Blog Log Series! www.theshortesttallman.comThis time I bring you a super fun blog that is created by a “music teacher by day, traveller by summer”: Teacher Summers.  This gal is a newly crowned member of the Travelers’ Century Club, which means she has travelled to at least 100 countries!  And she’s only in her early 30s.  Pretty impressive!  Her blog chronicles her travels, so it is full of fun pictures from faraway lands, and her voice within her blog is super fun (and pretty much exactly as I remember her from our college days together!).  Her blog’s narrative is maybe best described as “short and sweet”- she is honest, shares some great anecdotes and is full of humor throughout, but not too lengthy, as to ensure her photos take center stage.  She does this great thing with asterisks in her blog; gotta check it out to see what I mean!  It’s very original.  And, is her family the coolest or what?  I want to travel with her Aunt T, too!  Being pretty well anchored here in upstate NY (although is indeed my choice), makes reading her blog so much fun for me.  I am able to expend some of my wanderlust energy, and add places to my bucket list for when my bucket list no longer literally includes buckets of cleaning supplies with 3 little ones in my house!

Wanderlust much?
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Kelly’s blog is a perfect example of how blogs can be used as a medium to share your experiences with others.  She’s using blogger, Google’s free blog platform, which is super user-friendly.  Takes probably, literally, 2 seconds to get started and $0.  I started off with Blogger myself.  A blog can be a great place to share your ideas, photos, adventures, etc. with the world!  I still use and enjoy Facebook, but you can get more in depth with a blogging platform.  I’ll use this analogy, after binge-watching Property Brothers this morning:  your blog is a single family home, so to speak; at Facebook, you live in a humungous apartment complex.  If you find that the structure and confines of Facebook may not be a great way to tell your story, I urge you to explore blogging!