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Blog Log #6: “The Pioneer Woman” slays blogging.

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Blog Log #6 🙂

The Pioneer Woman: Blog Log #6

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So, The Pioneer Woman is my favorite show on Food Network.  It’s awful convenient that she is on around dinnertime, when I can sometimes sneak in a little TV in the background. What do I love about her so much?  Her show, of course, is meal-based; and the meals are for real people (I really love The Barefoot Contessa, but I’m not her type of people in The Hamptons.  “How easy was that?”  Not very!).  She has a great sense of humor and friendly personality, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously.  One of my favorite things about her show is that it is about her lifestyle almost as much as her cooking, and it fascinates me as I do not live on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma.  I hope she doesn’t get too big for her britches, as that seems to come with the territory of becoming super famous and successful l(like so many of these TLC stars!  Remember when we loved Jon + Kate Plus Eight?!).  But anyway, right now, she’s the to me.  And her blog… she slays blogging.  She’s got categories and subcategories.  And they’re all fun, informative, and totally within the style and narrative of her show.  Heavy on pictures, which is visually appealing to readers.  Her header is always super cute.  Her blog transcends into the upper echelon of blogging; I suppose this is why she has her own TV show and a merchandising deal with Walmart  😀  If you like her show, check out her blog, I’m sure you’ll find some new ideas or recipes you’ll want to try out!