Summer Routines

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Summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime!

Ah, summer. I’m a teacher, and was fortunate to land a job right after I graduated from college. This means I’ve never worked in the summer, other than for a part time job during college. This is one of the perks of my career, can’t complain one bit about that. (The complaints will go in a completely separate post ūüėČ ). So, my summers have always been me-time. Until I had kids, when it became them-time. Which, for the most part, is me-time, because I really do enjoy those 2 months with my kids. When you have kids, summer is typically much more laid back than during the school year. But, it is funny how us American moms will typically find new ways to torture ourselves with filling up a rigorous schedule. I’ve been working towards finding the sweet spot of enjoying an active lifestyle, but not having too much on my plate. Some of it’s me; I’ve been a slow learner at that. And, I typically have learned exactly where too much is too much by giving myself too much. Learning the hard way.

Summer Routines

So, here is a summer routine that I think I’m going to try out, based on my past summers, my kids ages (toddler-elementary), and our interests/geography.

8:00am breakfast
8:30am morning walk, errands
9:00am play, do hair (since I often forget to do the girls hair on the weekends, I should pencil this in!)
10:00am morning activity (changes daily)
11:45pm lunch
1:30-3:30pm nap for tiny Tallman/time for the girls/time for mom/swim
2:00-2:30pm cleaning (maybe if I give it a dedicated power slot, it’ll happen better?)
2:30-3:00pm piano/writing practice for the girls
4:00-5:30pm swimming
6:15pm dinner
6:45pm evening activity (swimming, play outside, movie)
8:00/8:30pm bedtime


Morning activity:  swim lessons for 3 weeks in July (oh how I dread this!  But they MUST learn how to swim and this is the best case scenario).  Below is a plan of morning activities:

Mondays: visit GG, library tour (aka visit various local libraries)
Tuesdays: playground, lunch with daddy
Wednesdays: play date/local adventure
Thursdays: farmers market/Clinton
Fridays: zoo (no swim on Fridays)- this day is the most open for adventures!

Kids sure do love sand!

Kids sure do love sand!

I may move the days around; this is just my June draft of my summer :). Also, I think I’ll assess the weather sitch for the week on Sundays, and go from there. See what I mean about overdoing it in the summer?? ¬†The ultimate goal for making a Summer Routine is to ensure that we have a happy and successful summer; or, we successfully have a happy summer, I suppose. ¬†To ensure we are successful at having a fun, easy going summer, the routine is there to make sure we accomplish the necessities: ¬†there is a defined place in the schedule for the junk that has to happen (cleaning, meals, errands) so we maximize the fun and relaxation of summer. ¬†(Hopefully. ¬†Fingers crossed!)

I want to kind of “get out” and go on some local adventures with my three. Depending on the adventure, I may take a grandparent or two, or do it alone. Luckily, both my mom and my mil is retired, and my dad only works weekends, so in the summers we’re able to do fun things with grandparents. We’re very fortunate that way.

Local travel I think I’m going to try:

  • Fort Rickey (Rome- ¬†been there before- cool stuff, a little different than your run-of-the-mill zoo!)
  • Camp day (Sylvan Beach)
  • Old Forge day trip (although we’re going to spend a week there this summer so I don’t want to exhaust it)
  • Fort Stanwix (Rome)
  • Farmers museum/Cooperstown day trip
  • MOST museum (Syracuse)
  • Strong museum of play (Rochester)
  • The Wild Animal Park (Chittenango)
  • Adirondack Animal Land¬†safari (Gloversville)
  • The W!ld Center Adirondack experience (Tupper Lake- might try to do this one with the Tallest Tallman)
  • Destiny USA mall (Syracuse- I mean, whatever, it’s big mall lol, but there’s a bunch of indoor stuff to do, like eat at the Cheesecake Factory.. amirite??)

There’s so much more to do in Upstate NY than this list offers, but given the ages of my kids, I’m holding off on some of it. ¬†For example, the thought of going to Niagara Falls or the Ausable Chasm with a toddler sounds terrifying. ¬†Luckily, we have these places nearby, so I can confidently put that on a later to-do list.

What local attractions did I miss?  What summer routines work for your family?  How do you balance fun, relaxation, and the mundane tasks that must get done?