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Hi err’body!  Just recently, we visited one of my dearest friends to celebrate their son’s first birthday/housewarming party.  Actually, I guess it was their house’s first anniversary with them as well, haha, since they closed on their house and went into labor on the same day!

This friend of mine was the poor soul who was the recipient of the fire extinguisher.  As she continued to pursue a friendship with me after that boring gift, I figured I ought to bring her a more fun housewarming gift.  And edible, as well.  Hence, a cupcake carrier, complete with cupcakes!

And not just any cupcakes… lemon white chocolate. My thought was, it’s summer, let’s do something summery and bright and not too heavy.  So, ya know, adding white chocolate chips to lemon cake batter and putting on buttercream frosting seemed to fit that bill 😀 These were inspired by a great friend of mine who has a cupcake business, Cutiepie Cupcakes. We’ve actually ordered this flavor from her in the past, so I knew this flavor should go off pretty well! When you check out her Facebook page, you’ll see that hers look just a tiny/huge amount fancier 🙂 🙂 🙂

Housewarming Gift Idea

Welp, I used lemon cake mix, and added in white chocolate chips.  Although I tried the trick where you mix the chocolate chips with flour to prevent them from sinking to the bottom, they still sank. Which really is not a problem, a nice solid layer of white chocolate chips on the bottom of each cupcake was the result. No one complained.

Housewarming Gift Idea

I fancified them by adding white chocolate shavings, instead of sprinkles.  I think it made them look really cool. At first I tried sprinkling them on top, but quickly realized that pushing the frosted cupcake directly into the shavings was more successful.

Housewarming Gift Idea

Time to add them to the cupcake carrier.  By far the best one on the market, IMO! Double-decker, holds 24, and the cover snaps into place so there’s no chance for mishaps. Plus, the bottom tray is also a muffin/cupcake nonstick tin, so you can bake your cupcakes with it.

Housewarming Gift Idea

Ah! The finished product! It is such a cute little package. In the background, you can see my Florence print! Il ponte vecchio!

Added some ribbon curls (from my favorite store, the Dollar Tree!), and voila, festive and delicious. Thankfully, they were a big hit 🙂

What is your favorite housewarming gift that you’ve received/given?

Here is the cupcake carrier I used, and highly recommend!:

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  • Alison August 9, 2016 at 10:22 pm

    The cupcakes were amazing and it was so great to have you!! Keep on rockin shortest Tallman! ❤️💙💜💗


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