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Hi! Visiting for the first time?? I am a newbie blogger, and I run what I consider to be a mommy blog. As you can see from my blog’s categories, my posts are generally about momming and local treasures. I try to be as real, as funny, and as relevant as I can be!



Here are some of my bestest posts:

There’s the one where I later realized walking around with a yellow binder labeled “momager” is a little dorky but highly practical..

The one where I talked about having a housekeeper…

The one about my favoritest city…

The one about all the cool things you can do with kids in my local area, New Hartford, NY…

The viral guest post about being a “happy mom” vs. “supermom”…

And, The one where I talk about pressing pause on my career to be a SAHM (and henceforth giving up my housekeeper).

And there’s a lot more good stuff, too!


I’m new and I’m still learning about blogging. I got into blogging knowing very little about the back end of the webernet. Luckily, bloggers love to blog about blogging, and great blog platforms like WordPress exist. I’m so glad humankind discovered WordPress. I’ve got lots of big ideas planned for year two of theshortesttallman, so stop by now and again AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN, because I do plan on only going up from here! And Goonies never say die. (Whatever. You get it.)

Thanks for stopping by, and if you entered my giveaway, good luck (ends 9/1/16 at 12am)!!!! 2016 Giveaway!!!

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