Meet The Teacher idea!

Cute (and cheap!) “Meet The Teacher” gift :)

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Hi! School for us starts next week, and I can’t help myself but want my kids to come to school with a “meet the teacher” gift. Do your kids bring in a MTT gift?? There’s a lot of ways you could go about it, but I was looking for something small and inexpensive. I kind of love gift giving (maybe it’s my love language!), and I just feel like it would be a nice ice breaker for my children to have when starting off their first day of school. I don’t think it’s at all necessary, but listen, a few dollars isn’t going to break the bank, and doesn’t that just start off your child’s teacher’s school year on a positive note? When I was teaching, I would love if someone came to me on the first day with some chocolate!!


I did this last year, too, and it seemed like a nice little something to start off everyone’s day! Next year, I’ll need a new idea– soon we’ll be known as the Junior Mints family.

Meet The Teacher Gift!

So, a couple of things: this was not an original idea. This was one of the many ideas I found on Pinterest when I search “Meet the teacher” gift. I took the statement, played around on, and voila! So, like much of TheShortestTallman- no rocket science here! But you are certainly free to use it! As you can see, the decorations are pretty simplistic- just the image and some ribbon. You could do a lot more to dress it up.


Here’s what I did:

Meet The Teacher idea!

Free to use!

After I created this image on picmonkey, I saved it as a jpg (as this is).

Then, I opened it in Preview (I have a Mac).

I clicked on print, and since I needed two for my two children, I made it copy 2 per page, and resized it (10%) so it would fit perfectly on a box of Junior Mints (which, bee tee dubs, is nut-free and made in a nut-free facility, so it avoids one of the most common food allergens).

Meet The Teacher Gift Idea!

Gosh, I want to do this quick by myself. But that would be bad momming.

I printed, resisted the urge to do the whole thing myself, and allowed my kids to sign their name, cut the image out, and tape on the ribbon and image. The ribbon was some leftover I had in my craft bin.

Meet The Teacher Gift!

Ta dah! Super cute, right??? If I were their teacher, I would think that was pretty sweet. And on my end, it was very easy and inexpensive (for both, it cost me less than $3 including my leftover ribbon!), and it gives my kids a tiny lesson in giving. If I were you, play Tinkerbell and use some “found” things in your house for decorating it- ribbon, bows, stickers, whatever! As much as I wanted to dress it up on my own, I wanted to let my girls assemble it themselves.

Again, I don’t think a meet the teacher gift is at all necessary, but I personally think it’s a fun way to start the year off. Hope the upcoming transition for your little ones goes smoothly!


  • Ciara September 9, 2016 at 5:37 pm

    This idea is super cute! I might do this even though the kids have already been in school for two days! It’s simple, but such a ‘sweet’ gesture!!! Just love it!!!!

    • theshortesttallman September 10, 2016 at 12:10 pm

      I agree! I just like little things like that. I saw that another kid gave the K teacher a tiny potted plant, also a cute idea!

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