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12 ways to decompress this fall.

12 Ways to Decompress this Fall

Hi guys. Is it just me, or is this fall shaping up to be a fierce competitor to the busyness of December?! That’s why I haven’t tended to my blog in a while! I feel like I have stuff going on every weekend and every week night. I guess it comes with the territory of 3 kids that are getting…

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Boston post, 2.0

Boston is the Greatest City in the Universe, 2.0

Hey guys! You all know I already think that Boston is the greatest city in the universe, as I gave 7 reasons in a blog post a ways back.  I present to you further evidence as such, by way of a photo essay. Subtitle: An exercise in playing around with the various features of  Best website ever for editing…

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TheShortestTallman visits Boscov's!

TheShortestTallman Reviews Boscov’s New Hartford!

Hi peeps! Boscov’s reached out to me, invited me to their store, gave me a tour, fed me their fudge, and asked if I would give my readers a review of their brand new store in New Hartford, NY. Ya know. NBD or nuthin. !!!! Before coming to our area, I had heard of Boscov’s, and was pretty sure I’d…

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Hands Free Life e-book club #1

Thank you so much for joining me for my first ever e-book club! I hope I do the book justice, and most importantly, I hope that by both reading the amazingness of Rachel Macy Stafford’s Hands Free Life and reflecting on it monthly in our little e-book club, your life will be more manageable, free, and fun! However, my real…

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