Hands Free Life e-book club #1

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I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my Hands Free Life e-book club, join me maybe?

Thank you so much for joining me for my first ever e-book club! I hope I do the book justice, and most importantly, I hope that by both reading the amazingness of Rachel Macy Stafford’s Hands Free Life and reflecting on it monthly in our little e-book club, your life will be more manageable, free, and fun!

However, my real goal is… well basically… to not suck.

Reminds me of when my SIL/BFF ran her first road race. Her goal was to “not die.” Not only did she not die, she got in probably the healthiest shape of her life and she beat half of the other runners. So, I’m hoping to not suck. Or die.


Let’s start with the introduction.

I love how Rachel (I’m just going to call her by her first name, like we’re old friends) tells her stories and is able to have these life changing realizations that she can put into relatable words to inspire others. Often, her stories are pretty plain-jane, uneventful really. Out of some of the most mundane moments in life, she finds some of life’s biggest lessons and really feels like she’s living the most.

A few points in the introduction really spoke to me. Her daughter Avery’s statement-“I’m keeping track of life”- is an interesting thing to say, and I am glad that Rach (OK, yeah Rach feels right to me) shared it with us, because it really is something I want to do! I want to keep track of LIFE, not the items on my to-do list or the numbers on my paycheck! Not that you can disregard any of those things, but what I want my self to keep track of is life itself.

In the intro, you can see that HFL is an extension, a volume 2, of HFM (Hands Free Mama). If you have not read HFM, especially if you are a parent of children ages 0-18, I urge you to check it out. It really is a great place to start. But, no worries if you haven’t! It’s like the Star Wars movies; you know there’s stuff you might have missed in an earlier film, but they’re all good on their own.

(Who IS Rey???? I love reading all the theories, but I am leaning towards the obvious- Skywalker lineage!)

In the intro, Rachel mentions that yeah, the obvious stuff we all know by now (especially HFM fans) can take us away from the most important moments of our lives- too much time on phones, etc. But she mentions that that’s only the start. On page 14, she mentions a whole bunch of various distractions that I’ll bet you can relate to. These distractions, both obvious and not-so-obvious, make it harder for us to achieve “our greatest goal: to live and love fully” (p. 18).

Next, she follows with her “Keeping Track of Life Manifesto.” YES to all of it.

Remember, all the while you are reading along the book or along with the e-book club, one of Rachel’s main messages is that you can start anytime on your journey of Keeping Track of Life. Maybe you’re realizing you’re way out of whack. Maybe you’re realizing you’re doing alright but something in that list of not-so-obvious distractions struck a chord with you, and you want to life and love more fully.

Chapter 1 again kept with the theme of those everyday moments that matter. The main point that struck a chord with me most was to “take off the ticking clock,” in the Habit Builder on page 41. As moms, we’re often the ones that bear the brunt of running the household in terms of meals, cleaning, and all things “kids.” Whether or not you work outside the home or not, that ticking clock is always nearby, within earshot for me. Hearing it worded like that totally transformed my way of thinking about both how I use my time, and time management, in terms of getting things done or arriving on time. By taking off the ticking clock, I can fill the spaces and connect with who matters most to me. Now, this major point of this chapter goes hand in hand with two other items she brings up: regret, and starting now. It’s not too late! Rachel is always telling us it’s not too late. Don’t beat yourself up; instead, take off that ticking clock and live and love more fully!

I hope it was meaningful to you to read my reaction to the beginning of HFL. What are your thoughts???? What struck a chord with you??

And if you don’t have your own copy, I hope I convinced you to check it out! To be a part of the Hands Free Revolution!

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