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Hands Free Life e-book club #2

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You’re still with me? Awesome! You’re just joining in? Great! I just think reading Rachel Macy Stafford’s Hand Free books are just a relaxing cup of tea. I’m slowly going through Hands Free Life!

Hands Free Life e-book club #2 www.theshortesttallman.comChapter 2 is all about letting things go: “Surrender Control” is the chapter’s title. I was just having a discussion with some friends from a real life book club I belong to, and we were talking about how with age and life experience, we’ve learned to let things unfold a little, to not worry about controlling or fretting so much. Of course, there’s things you have to be proactive about; some might call it “adulting” 🙂 But, I think part of what I’ve enjoyed about my 30s, is that I’m sort of learning when to speak up, when to let things go; what to worry about, what to let slide. You know, you gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em (Kenny Rogers! My dad will be proud I managed to use Kenny Rogers in a post.)

She mentions God a bit in this chapter, so I think if you’re Christian, you’ll agree with her and “get it”; BUT, I don’t think you have to be to appreciate the sentiment.  On page 45, she mentions that by giving up micromanaging/control, she was able to enjoy “ultimate freedom: allowing my life to evolve according to God’s plan rather than my plan.” Maybe I’m wrong, but I think most people, religious affiliation aside, can see where she’s going with this thought: it’s all about knowing your purpose, and how you fit into the fabric of your universe. One quote from Alexandra Kuykendall’s book, Loving My Actual Life, keeps coming to mind: “Do what only you can do.”

I think this chapter is all about releasing controlling habits, negative thoughts, hopes that weren’t realized. It’s all about forward motion and living in the now to enjoy all the wonderful, everyday moments that life has to offer. This is hard for the Type A person who wants to take charge and accomplish, accomplish, accomplish! I know I fall into that, a lot! That’s why I enjoyed this chapter so much- it’s not easy, but when I sort of examined my own life and habits, I could see what I needed to control, and what I could release. I feel so much more inner peace! When I let go of control over the things that really don’t need my almighty hand touching upon it (with my kids, husband, or wherever in my life), life can organically happen to me. Do you know what I mean? Yes, I have to set stuff up, but then I can just sort of let things unfold, let the people around me live, and I can love more without trying to pose everybody with Kragle like Lord Business in The Lego Movie. In the short term, it may feel good to take over, but eventually it doesn’t feel fulfilling and it usually ends with me being cranky, at least that’s been my experience lol.

What did you think about this chapter? Do you suspect you may be trying to control too many parts of life, to the point where you may be inhibiting growth? What did you have to change, in order to surrender control? (For me, that meant maybe preparing things on my end differently, like allowing more time for my kindergartner to buckle herself in, so I could remain chill. Happy/peaceful mom means everybody wins.

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