Our little Thanksgiving giving project, plus a video!

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We did a little Thanksgiving giving project that I want to share with you all! It was a lot of fun, very easy, and provided a simple way to engage in a conversation with our kids about the importance of giving. No eye rolling- success! The purpose of me sharing this with you all is to remind everyone that if we all do a little, we will do a lot (and just to give you a little idea, if you were looking for one)! What we did is certainly not something to brag about. I took my SAHM budget and tried to make packages with items that would be both useful and fun (and get the most bang for my buck so I’d be able to make as many packages as possible), and I sure hope that the recipients feel that way about what’s inside. We were only able to make 8 packages, but that was our little candle.


I sure hope the recipients of these packages enjoy these useful items.

BTW, here are the links to the two organizations I mentioned in the video, Thea Bowman House and The Mother Marianne Westside Kitchen. I’m looking forward to dropping off the packages to Thea Bowman next week!

My first vlog post!!!  Yup, it’s pretty bad. But I hope you enjoy the effort lol.

I actually tried this several times, several takes. I didn’t realize that each time, the video stopped recording, so after 5 minutes of talking, I’d realize it was all for nothing. This happened 4 times. LOL. Plus interruptions from Tiny Tallman. In my frustration, I thought I made one I was happy with and planned on uploading it on Thanksgiving Day. I watched it again, and realized there was no way I would ever upload that to the internet!

As you watch THIS one, keep in mind this was the best. I guess I’ll stick to blogging with a B!!!!! Granted, I didn’t edit this little nugget of a video at all, so I suppose if I played around with editing, I could have improved it a million times over.

What little things do you do to help make a big difference? Or do you want to brag about the giving practices of a friend? That’s a good kind of bragging 😀 I’d love to hear your ideas.

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