The Blog Log Series!

The Blog Log #7: The Resurrection.

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hahaha Well, that sounds like overkill. But, I have been browsing around on the internet more and more to get ideas for both my blog and my life, and I’ve come across so many inspiring blogs, I just have to share them with you! So, I’m bringing back The Blog Log series. A triumphant return.

Marielle, the blogger behind Magical Daydream (photo from her blog)

Today, I want to share with you the blog, Magical Daydream. This adorable blog is all about helping you”transform boring everyday moments into creative and fun ones.” Marielle, who lives in the Netherlands, even has a Magical Daydream Manifesto- all about tapping into your creative and fun side, and sharing it with the world! In her About page, she says, “You have the power to turn ordinary life into a series of extraordinary rainbow-coloured moments. I’m here to help you create the confetti filled life you deserve.” Marielle aims to help you tap into your creative side by offering both free tips and tools, as well as a more substantial e-course, From Dreamer to Doer. If the right side of your brain is constantly in battle with your left, if you’re not afraid of glitter, or if you are an adorer of unicorns (like Marielle, the blogger!), you should check out this blog! You can find “instant inspiration” in her best-of catalog, here. I am so glad I came across this blog! It is a prime example of the fun and quirky resources that live on the internet. Vive la internet!