The Shortie’s Guide To Enjoying The Week After Christmas

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Hey peeps! To help myself come up with a plan for the week with the kids, I thought it would be fun to write up a post with ideas for surviving this week, maybe even nailing it. Bam. You know, as much fun as the holidays are, there’s just so much pressure and stress that seems to go with it all. No matter what you do, emotions are elevated, and sometimes that just translates to a feeling of overwhelm. Let’s just take that feeling of overwhelm (the one that comes over you when you just look at the entire first floor of your house), and beat the crap out of it with a meat tenderizer, mmmkay?

  • Have Some Adult Time: www.theshortesttallman.comin my December Guide post, I mentioned trying to get out there for some adult time. It would be nice to have true adult time, like a date night or a girls’ night, but even some play dates with mom friends is sometimes enough to hold you over. I LOVE having all this time with my kids, but sometimes ya just need to talk with someone who has advanced to the formal operational stage, amirite??? You can always make yourself some hot or iced coffee to enjoy this week, #ftw.
  • Plan a Kickbutt NYE For Yo’Self: I also mentioned that in the December Guide… if you are staying in, make sure you have the right food to make it fun, whatever that means for you! I’m thinking charcuterie board and seafood… Yummmmm.
  • Stay In- and Stay Away From The Mall!: Ugh! It’s so crowded. lol. I would avoid that if I could. Besides, who needs more stuff right now?? Unless you need more bins. Gahh, the freaking bins. Am I the only one that goes bananas when I see an empty bin in my house? I’m like, “WHERE IS THE STUFF THAT BELONGS IN THIS BIN??” This week is a GREAT week for playdates! Everybody’s got new, fresh toys to play with.
  • Go out- and do stuff that’s engaging: Huh? You just said… OK, well, I guess I am going to avoid retail, but I will definitely be getting out. I have a hard time sitting still in my house all day with my kids, I go crazy. Have a few fun outings planned:
    • Rockin’ Jump in New Hartford really spelled out their winter break offerings on their website- Rockin’ Tots is a great time to go with little ones! We rarely go because we find it a bit pricy, but it sure is a fun special treat 🙂 Here’s my review on Rockin’ Jump from last winter!
    • The Utica Children’s Museum has extended hours this week, also. Their hours are usually quite limited, so this week is a great time to visit. Click on the link to see their offerings for the week.
    • Uno Pizzeria & Grill is doing free kids’ meals all week! I can’t find a link to the image, but I saw it in the MV Parent Facebook group. Lunch and a movie is my plan!
    • If you haven’t been to the Museum of Play in Rochester, it’s a great place to check out! Might be busy this week, but it is so much fun! Just that kiddie Wegman’s store alone is awesome!
    • Here’s an older post I wrote about 10 Fun Things To Do With Kids, in and around New Hartford, NY!
  • Get Outside! I know, I have to consciously push myself to do this, too. But getting some fresh air (not just in and out of the car), is so good and so important. It’s like… well, it’s like a breath of fresh air!
  • Feeling disorganized? Do you make yourself a Command Center yet? This is a great time to construct one for yourself if you don’t have one. With that being said, I am pumped! for 2017 because I have deemed it the year of organization and simplicity! Doesn’t that sound nice? We’ll see how it {actually} goes, but I have a lot of motivation and excitement over it all.
  • Here’s some more ideas:

    And here’s another huge list from MommyPoppins.com!


So, don’t let yourself go crazy this week. Aim for that perfect balance of relaxation and busy!
(You do realize this blog is as much to coach myself as it is to share with others! :-P)

What do you have planned for the week? What’s your plan of attack?