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The Blog Log #8: Clean Routine

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Hi everyone! Today, I’m going to share with you a blog/website I discovered a while back, and recently got back into checking regularly. Lots of you have made your New Year’s Resolution centered around cleaning and organization- this blog is a must-see!

Clean Mama!

First of all, when you go to her website, it is gorgeous and calming and CLEAN. (Of course it’s clean!) I first discovered her on Pinterest a few years ago when I was searching for cleaning tips. I was working full time then, and I needed to figure out a better system than just feeling ragged all the time and binge cleaning on the weekends. Clean Mama has a simple weekly cleaning routine to follow. If you don’t have a system for your cleaning, you’re always going to feel like you’re chasing an impossible dream of a clean home! Even still, it may be an impossible dream :-D. But, her system is easy to follow and will give you a handle on what can be an overwhelming task. I recently started following her on Instagram, and it’s great because every day she posts a reminder of what the task is for the day!

What I love about Clean Mama is that her website is THOROUGH. She tests products and posts her honest reviews. She gives detailed instructions on how to tackle various cleaning jobs, as well as home organization projects. One of my favorites is her approach to speed cleaning bathrooms. She even offers recipes for making your own cleaners (and, she sells her own products as well). She offers lots of printables to help you on your clean journey! She is a no-nonsense, essential, comprehensive guide to cleaning.

And, I just want to say THANK YOU to Clean Mama, for helping us all adult a little more effectively and efficiently.

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