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The Blog Log #9: Not Just Any Girl and Not Just Any Blog!

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Hey guys! I told you all in my post about my blog’s exciting new year that I was investing in my blog via an e-book. I’m about halfway through it right now, and I have already learned so much! Now I just need to squeeze in the time to implement what I’ve learned. The e-book I purchased was Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook by Abby Lawson. I’ve mentioned this before in my Blog Log series- if there’s one thing that bloggers like to write about, it’s b l o g g i n g! I have followed Abby Lawson at Just a Girl and Her Blog for a while- I love her home decor posts, organization posts, and probably most of all, her posts about blogging. One of the neatest things she does is that she publishes her monthly income reports- just to help out fellow bloggers! Following her income reports has been very interesting to me, as I’m learning the rules of the trade of blogging. Although blog monetization is of secondary concern of mine, it is neat to see how she’s able to turn blogging into a business. Her blog is the picture of perfection, so for me, I love to hear about how she does what she does.

She is honest and real, and she seems to be about THE nicest person person you could meet. Her website couldn’t be more inviting, between its layout and colors, and of course her sweet-as-pie content. Well anyway, when I was feeling ready to take my blog to the next step, I rethought the idea of purchasing her e-book. I am so glad I did. When I’ve fully finished reading Building a Framework, I’ll definitely give you my honest review! So far, I love it, and I’ve learned a lot.  I will say this much now- her book is great for people who haven’t even setup their blog yet, or for those who have been blogging at the amateur level for a while (like me)- and it’s affordable! I started with the $25 ebook basic package, and so far it has definitely been worth it.

One thing I haven’t yet checked out on her blog is her guide for going paperless. I know. That sounds great, doesn’t it? That’s on my list for this year- our home office is….. You know what, let’s not talk about it. I feel my blood pressure raising. But, I do need to tackle that, as per my goals for 2017: organization and simplicity!

Although I talked a lot about the blogging aspect of JAGAHB, she really shines in her niche of home decor/organization. She has posted tons and tons of helpful posts to get you inspired! You’ve got to check her out.

The Blog Log! Where I showcase awesome blogs I've found in my internet travels.

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