Toddler mom truth.

The Effing Truth About Being a Toddler Mom

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There are some #truth bombs in here. Proceed with caution…

The Little Tallmans are 7, 5, and 2. I felt like I was starting to get my life under control, a little, when Tiny Tallman came along. He completed our family, and things were somewhat calm with a baby, then he became the delightful and dreaded toddler that he is.

But let me tell you the cold, hard truth about being a toddler mom.

The #truth no one wants to hear.

Here it is:

Your life will be a disaster until your kid is at least 4. If you’re lucky.

And the second half of this truth is:

The Universe will not accept you as the disaster that you are.
(You are included in The Universe.)

And this truth is due to one simple fact: if you can’t wipe your butt with the door shut (or if you can, but you can trust that there is destruction occurring while you do it), then you’re not going to be able to feel in control.

“Surely you can find 30 minutes to exercise!”

“Surely you can clean and organize your home!”

“Meal planning is easy and fast and saves you time!”

These are things that other people tell you, social media tells you, pinterest tells you, your mother in law tells you, and worse yet, you tell yourself.

I mean, you can, of course you can, do any and all of these things. You have to be highly motivated to perform those tasks, and something else has to give for you to do that. Which is perfectly fine and worth it, if you think it’s worth it. (For if you force yourself into doing these tasks to keep up with the Joneses, it will backfire eventually and you’ll feel horribly unfulfilled.)

The thing is, your day is still only 24 hours. It was 24 hours BC (before children), it was 24 hours when you were pregnant, and it will only be 24 hours when your kids are tweens and teens.

And, the reality is, if you’re a Toddler Mom, you need like a minimum 40 hour day.

(All of us Toddler Moms should unionize and demand a longer day! Ha. Ha Ha.)

So, you have to accept the disaster that you are. You have to accept your 24 hour day. The sooner, the better. You have to pick things to accomplish that will keep you within bounds of the sanity/insanity line, and you have to remember that you will not be a disaster forever with a delightful/dreaded toddler, so manage your time wisely. Perhaps by not managing it at all.

The upside? As they say, “this too, shall pass.” And I mean, of course, life is fun and hilarious and exciting with a toddler. There is that. 😀

And, as Rachel Macy Stafford says in Hands Free Life, “Happiness beats perfection. Every. Single. Time.” (p. 97)

Choose happy. Choose Love. Choose whatever it takes for you to not lose your shit.
(How’s that for a mantra? :-P)

Toddler mom truth.

As always, I write these posts for YOU, but also for ME! Sometimes I need to slap myself around a bit, because I slap myself around too much. Know what I mean?

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