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Hands Free Life e-book club #5

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Hi everyone! Did you notice that last Monday was the first Monday of the month, and I didn’t post the next edition of the HFL e-book club??? Ha! Well, I did post my review of Rachel Macy Stafford’s new book, Only Love Today. It’s pretty fantastic, and I encourage you to pre-order, especially since it comes with some great freebies!

Continuing on with the HFL e-book club, we are now on Chapter 5: “See What Is Good” (p. 105). This chapter is all about your perspective, how you see things. Do you find that you have everything you need, but #firstworldproblems got you down?? This chapter will help you combat that so you can truly appreciate what you have. And I mean, truly appreciate. Not like when Rachel said on p. 105, “Like a robot, I could speak of my life’s abundant blessings, but I could no longer see or feel them because I was too focused on my life’s abundant distractions.”

Hands Free Life eBook club! www.theshortesttallman.com

Hands Free Life, p. 123.

Rachel tells a story about her older daughter, Natalie, and her spirit that could be conceived as a weakness. She goes on to explain that this trait that may have been considered a weakness turned out to be a great strength. I think my daughter has similar qualities as well, and I have also heard that advice, that I should try to toughen her up. “Staring into my child’s big brown eyes, which held so much promise, I declared, ‘I will never, ever, ‘toughen you up.’ Mark my words. Someday, someday that tender heart inside you will be your gift (p. 111).'” Such an important message, to try to see others’ negatives as positives (myself included!!!).

I was raised by a hot-headed Italian, as my mother was also raised by a hot-headed Italian (not to say that all Italians are hot-headed!!! But.. well… the ones I know are! LOL). I have always hoped I could lengthen my fuse, and that I wouldn’t succumb to my genetics, but alas, it comes out sometimes. Just yesterday, it did, and quite frankly, I felt like shit afterwards. Why can’t I control it and never do it again? I really found that the “Habit Builder” at the end of this chapter really spoke to me- some of these items are exactly my life, and helpful reminders to try to look at the happenings of my life with a positive lens.

If you are just reading one of these posts for the first time, I encourage you to check out Hands Free Life– the chapters average just twenty pages, and there are some great, gentle reminders to slow down a little and, well, “See What Is Good!” (title of Chapter 5 🙂 )