My review of #onlylovetoday by RMS!!!

“Only Love Today” Review: This Is Special.

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Hi, Shorties! If you’ve followed me on my FB page at all, you may have read that I was lucky enough to be selected to join Rachel Macy Stafford’s Launch Team for her new book. I find Rachel’s writings to be Important, Relevant, Special- and her newest book, well, it is the perfect next step for any Rachel fan, or anyone really.

I started following Rachel a few years ago, when I read Hands Free Mama. In it, Rachel explains how she had a complete turnaround when she realized she was missing out on life because of her Type A personality. She was consumed with an endless to-do list, rushing from place to place, saying “yes” to others, and all in all, worried about looking like she had it all put together. By doing so, she placed her family and herself at the bottom of the priority list. She explains her journey as a “reformed rusher” as she calls herself. Sound familiar? Sound like someone you know? Sound like you? It sure sounded like me! She has written, as the subtitle states, “A Guide to Putting Down the Phone, Burning the To-Do List, and Letting Go of Perfection to Grasp What Really Matters!” And it sure as heck is! I learned a lot and became hooked to her blog!

Then, she came out with Hands Free Life. HFL is the next step, where she… well, she delivers exactly as the subtitle suggests!: “Nine Habits for Overcoming Distraction, Living Better, and Loving More.” HFL is a great, easy read to help you choose love more, to bring intentional living into your life. Ahhh I love her stuff so much, can you tell?

My review of #onlylovetoday by RMS!!!

The smoothie was delicious! Too bad I knocked it on the floor about 10 minutes post photo!! 🙁

THEN…. Only Love Today. This comes out on March 7, 2017. Now, when I first read what it was about, I wasn’t so sure I’d love it as much as I loved HFM and HFL. Then, I found the opportunity to apply to be on her Launch Team, and I’ll tell ya what, the newest book is EXACTLY what the world needs now. It might be what your best friend needs now, it could be what your aunt needs right now, and it is probably what you need- right now.

Only Love Today is special. It is not meant to be read cover-to-cover (Phew! I don’t have time for that right now!). OLT is meant to be there when you need it, to pick up when you need a little inspiration and encouragement. Subtitle? “Reminders to Breath More, Stress Less, and Choose Love.” Maybe instead of asking, does this sound like someone you know, maybe I should ask, is there anybody in your life who doesn’t need these reminders? Maybe if you live on a vineyard in the French countryside… not around here! I live in the northeast U.S., and I’ll tell ya, we northerners absolutely are trying to fit it all, perhaps at all costs. OLT is split into 4 sections, based on themes from each season of the year. I suppose it is nice living in the northeast, since we thoroughly live each season! Rachel’s voice in this book (well, in EVERYTHING she writes) is so warm and welcoming, it’s as if you are sitting with a friend. Now, don’t think that this is to be read daily, either; it is a “moment-to-moment encouragement book” (p. 13). Each… well, I guess I’ll call them chapters… is only a page or two, and they are listed by theme! So if you are feeling like you want to read something that might directly correlate with what you got goin’ on, you can read just that. If you aren’t sure but you know you could use a little Rachel clarity, just flip it open to any old page and there is your cup of literary tea. It really is that good. I am glad to have such an easy way to gain some clarity and help me live a more intentional life, just living on my nightstand! #sers #itsthatgood #forrealzzz

What I keep reading over and over again in the Launch Team group I’m lucky enough to be in, is things like this:

“This is exactly what I needed right now.”

“I love having it nearby for when I need it.”

“The world needs this!”

“I find myself re-reading the same sections over and over.”

“This spoke to me, what I’m feeling, right now!”


Now, I wouldn’t normally encourage you so strongly to preorder, but you get some sweet preorder gifts. Check it out on the Only Love Today website! Also, for the ultimate fan, you can buy signed copies!!!

Want to start from the beginning? Check out Hands Free Mama, her first, and Hands Free Life, her second. Here is the page on her website all about her books.

And can we talk about how it’s February??? Talk about the perfect month to jump into the mantra of #onlylovetoday!

Hey guys! I just want y’all to know, I did receive a copy when I joined the Launch Team for Only Love Today. The links in this post are NOT affiliate links; I do not receive any compensation whatsoever if you buy any of her books! I just heart her books so much, I can’t stop talking about them!

If you would like to read my disclosure policy, click here.


  • Sandie February 6, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    Congratulations Maggi for being picked s part of the launch team! This was another awesome blog. Wise words for everyone, large families or not, as ‘life’ just seems to get more hectic.

    • theshortesttallman February 12, 2017 at 3:51 pm

      I agree- I think there’s just so many distractions in the world today, it’s great to find inspiration to stay focused on life itself, and RMS’s words really speak to me.


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