The Whitney Post.


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One of the best things about having Satellite Radio in my car is choosing my favorites. That song by Epic called “Faith No More,” that you didn’t know the title or artist, that you want to hear again?? Click add to favorites. Bam. Love “Mandy” so much that it’s both a favorite song and Barry Manilow is a favorite artist, only to embarrass you when a friend is in the car? It’s called a day in the life of me. Then you’ve got your tried and true favorites, one being Whitney Houston. I have said forever that she is one of the great voices of the 20th century. She earned “favorite artist” title asap when I got my new (5 year old) car. So, now, anytime Whitney is on Sirius XM, it’ll pop up, so I can get introduced to new-to-me music of hers.

Which brings me to, “I Love the Lord” from The Preacher’s Wife soundtrack.

Never saw the movie. Haven’t heard the rest of the soundtrack. I am known to like a Gospel tune from time to time, I love the “Praise Him” part, and the music is usually killer. What some of these Gospel choirs can do is just a joy to listen to. (Might I add that I’ve been a fan of the Elvis Presley Gospel collection.)

Whitney’s “I Love the Lord” is a quintessential example of her vocal prowess, IMHO. The opening words (just listen), “I Love the Lord”- everything about it- her tone, her expression… it is killer. I (sigh) Love (sigh) the-uh-uh Lord. O. M. G. Like I feel more Christian when I listen to it. Her whole opening solo is so passionate, she knows her instrument. She has so much control, she can go into so much nuanced detail with phrasing, it’s truly artistic. Try listening to Christina Aguilera after listening to Whitney- can’t get through her forced, shouting, over the top nonsense. Not that I’m too good for Christina, but Whitney is on another level.

How about 2:30 in? Those little short figures are gorgeous. What follows that, the improvisational conversation she has with the choir. 3:20-end?? Preach!!!!  Awesome.

Of course, her Star Spangled Banner recording in the 1991 Super Bowl is the finest I have ever heard, hands down.  Yup, you heard me, I like it better than Renee Fleming’s.  Being a classical voice person, I’m not really allowed to say that.

Anyway.  This was a super random post.  Just wanted to share my love of listening to one of the greats, IMO!!


1991 Whitney.
Photo credit: By PH2 Mark Kettenhofen – Whitney_Houston_Welcome_Heroes_1.JPEG, Public Domain,