Awesome alternative to reusable plastic baggies!

Awesome Alternative to Resealable Plastic Baggies!

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Hi everyone! We’ve been battling the stomach bug (aka Puke-a-thon 2017) in our house for the last few days. Lots of cleaning, lots of snuggling, lots of praying!!!

With all the cleaning that is associated with this type of situation, there is a lot of sorry-not-sorry throwing away of things. We’ve especially been going through paper towels and plastic bags a lot. And, with something as nasty and as contagious as the stomach bug, it’s just something I’m going to be OK with.

One place I am wasteful that I’m NOT really proud of is how many resealable bags we go through on a regular basis. At least a few a day, and I’m only packing 2 out of my 3 kids snacks and lunches on a regular basis. They sure are handy, aren’t they? However, when packing dried goods, it really seems like a waste to use it once and throw it away. You can’t recycle them, so it’s just this one-time-use product that isn’t good for the environment or my wallet.

Awesome alternative to reusable plastic baggies!

I’ve been meaning to get my hands on some reusable baggies- a friend of mine (Hi, Amanda!!! Hope all’s well in ‘Bama!) introduced me to them a few years ago, and dang nabbit, I never got around to looking into it. Just recently, I was thinking that I should get my hands on some and write a blog post about it, and don’t you know THE UNIVERSE helped me again! (I’ve been talking about trusting in the universe this year… it’s a little weird, but I’m kinda feeling it! I’m a little bit of a hippie at heart). My music ed friend from college, Molly, is a mom in Vermont. She is KILLING the mom thing- she’s a baby-wearin’, rustic-livin’, crunchy-leanin’, music-teacher/mom! (haha I hope you’re feeling that description, Molly??? LOL)  And- pertaining to this blog post specifically- she runs a little business called Crunchy Crafts.

Here is what she says on her FB page about what Crunchy Crafts is all about:

“What makes Crunchy Crafts crunchy? I make many products that help cut down on waste- unpaper towels, dining room face wipes, reusable snack pouches. I try to upcycle fabric and materials as often as I can. And I almost always reuse packaging! These poly mailers can be used again and again before they show any sign of wear- so don’t be surprised if your order comes in repurposed packaging!”

I love that!!! Reusing and Upcycling is where it’s at. There is so much waste that I produce on a regular basis as a typical American, this is simple way for me to improve a little.

I asked Molly if she would be interested in sending me a sample to check out, in exchange for an honest review. My bags came quickly, and right away I knew these would be perfect.


Awesome alternative to reusable plastic baggies!

Here is the “medium” size, $7. A single serve pack of animal cookies so you can see scale! Roughly 7″ x 5″.


Awesome alternative to reusable plastic baggies!

Small size bag, $5. I put her cute business card on top, so you could see the scale. Perfect for goldfish, pretzels, cheerios, etc. Roughly 5″ x 4″.


Awesome alternative to reusable plastic baggies!

My biggest concerns were 1.) Do they wash easily? and, 2.) Will they spill?
The interior is a wipeable vinyl-table cloth type material, so you’re not having to worry about crumbs mashing into the fabric. The snap works great to close it, and unless you’re shaking the bags like crazy, spilling isn’t an issue.

I am SO glad I found Molly’s sweet business, and her fun products. Those prints, right??? Check out her FB page for a price list and other products, AND she says she does a discount on multiples. Umm, she also makes doll carriers… they are adorb. She does a lot of custom stuff, so if you are looking for a certain type of product or print, just reach out to her and ask. Definitely worth a look-see! I foresee my kids’ snacks and summer trips to the park including these great bags 🙂

Note: While I did receive two bags in exchange for writing this post, all opinions and experiences are truthful and my own! You can read my full disclosure policy here.