Finding Your Charity Niche!

Finding Your Charity Niche

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Hi everyone! March is here! Lent is here! Spring is coming! Whoop whoop!

What in the heck is this post even about with a title like that????

Finding a way to help others that really brings you purpose- I like to call it your charity niche. Do you have a way that you give back? Do you approach giving in a planned fashion, or just as things come up? Both work! Both approaches help the world, and both provide you with that good feeling inside. However, do you have a giving project that really speaks to your soul? With Lent here, I wanted to share with you our annual giving project my family does during the Lenten season. It is TINY, by all means unimpressive, but it is very special to me and my family, something that we can “own.”

Finding Your Charity Niche!

As moms/wives, we are always giving to others. And we all support various fundraisers and charities on a small scale- rounding up your total at a store to support a campaign, filling the firemen’s boot at a stoplight, donating money to a friend running a road race for an organization. These are fulfilling on their own and helpful to the recipient, absolutely! I am in no way downplaying this type of giving!!! However, giving can be just as deeply fulfilling to yourself as much as it helps others.

Let’s talk about how to find your charity niche!

There’s a million ways to give: Time, talent, treasure. Look into your strengths and the resources you have access to. Maybe you’re busy but you can throw some money at a worthy cause. Maybe you are cash strapped but have a pocket of time that you can give. Maybe you don’t have much of either- start small.

Keep in mind what Alexandra Kuykendall (Loving My Actual Life author!) says- “do what only you can do.” (You can read my review of Loving My Actual Life here– in a nutshell, I love this book!!!)

What inspires you? Where is there need in your world that strikes you on a personal level? Consider finding something that you can “own,” create attainable goals for your actual life, and tap into your strengths and passions. Your giving may change throughout your life, I know mine has (I loved volunteering at a local soup kitchen, but it’s hard for me to do that right now because of family obligations), but there’s so much need in this world, you won’t have to dig deep to find something that you can “own.”

Which brings me to my little Lenten project! It may be small, but it is mighty! Every year during Lent, we collect coloring books for Golisano Children’s Hospital in Syracuse, NY, as a family. This is something that I “own”, my family “owns.” (You know what I mean by “own,” right? We figuratively own it! 😉 ) It started out as a project we did for Lent a couple of years ago, and it quickly became a big deal in our family and something that we look forward to yearly now. We only started it two years ago, but now I feel like it’s our “thing”; hence, we “own” it! Haha- let me make sure you are aware that this really isn’t a major project in the grand scheme of Golisano’s donations. Other people do this; it’s not rocket science or earth shattering giving by any definition! But it’s my mark, for what I can do right now.

This project speaks to me so much because:

  • the Little Tallman’s all love to color, so this is very relevant within our lives;
  • it lends itself easily to us teaching our kids about empathy;
  • we can handle it, in terms of scope (because let’s be real, with little kids in the house, getting dressed in the morning can be a feat!)

Here’s another example: A friend of mine does a pay it forward day, where she coordinates activities for friends and acquaintances to spread positivity and appreciation for our neighbors- small acts of kindness. This is her mark on her world. It plays into her strengths, and she owns it, it’s hers. (And it’s super fun!)

And here’s another example, via video!!! I interviewed my awesome MIL, to ask her about her experiences as a Wish Granter for Make-A-Wish, her charity niche:

So when searching for your charity niche:

  • Tap into your strengths and interests;
  • Think depth rather than breadth;
  • Give yourself an attainable goal! We have enough lofty goals in life (like EVER getting all of the laundry clean and folded… that’s like catching a unicorn ?)

Good luck making the world a better place! ?