The July Guide!

The July Guide

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Greetings, Shorties! We at the Shortest Tallman (and by “we,” I mean “me”) love July. Back when I was teaching full time, July was like a giant Saturday… newly relieved from the duties of work, and lots of time until Monday 🙂 Plus, it was my opportunity to be a SAHM, something I had dreamed of from my early days of motherhood.

I thought it would be a lot of fun to present to you a July guide, to help you and your family get the most out of your awesome month 7! I hope that this guide gives you a few ideas to get you in the laid-back, fun-filled spirit of July, and encourages you to be present in the moment, something I’m always trying to improve in myself 🙂

Although I mentioned local finds for those of us living in the Mohawk Valley in Upstate NY, I am sure my far-away friends can find some helpful nuggets, as well. Or just come and visit ?

The July Guide!

7/1 Utica Farmer’s Market every Saturday at the train station. Load up on produce for July 4!

7/2 Re-organize your beach/pool bag if it needs it. Then, spend some time making sure your car is cleaned out and organized. We accumulate way too much in our minivan, and I feel like a new woman when it’s simplified.

7/3 Make white chocolate dipped strawberries with blue sanding sugar for tomorrow. Thank you Family Circle mag for the idea!

7/4 I don’t think I need to tell you what to do today. ‘Murica!

7/5 Take the kids to the library, and pick out a sexy summer read for yourself. Rowr.

7/6 Setup a weekly playdate group that falls on the same day/time every week throughout the summer, and you always have some adult time to look forward to!

7/7 Hitting up a summer movie? We’ll be scouting rainy days to see Despicable Me 3 with the kids. Movie theater popcorn + snowcaps + a Coke = heaven.

7/8 Go to a great Bagelry today. Just because is my favorite kind of bread, and I like bread in most every form. Buy them in bulk and freeze!

7/9 Watch the Boilermaker if you’re in Utica! Go Aunt Liz!

7/10 Are you in a book club? I joined one recently. Try finding one to crash!

7/11 If you live in the northeast, you know your summer is short, so make sure you’re enjoying the warm outdoors with nightly or early morning walks as often as you can. Try to get to a nice trail or walking path so you can feel immersed in Mother Nature!

7/12 Setup a coffee date, lunch, or drinks with friends, sans kids. Most of us wait too long, until our batteries have long run out. The hot spot around here is Bite Bakery in Franklin Square, Utica.

7/13 Hit up the Clinton Farmer’s Market on Thursdays and say hi to my favorite quiller, Sandie from Cats in the Attic cards!

7/14 Hold a Scavenger Hunt for your kids, using things you can find in the yard.

7/15 Mid-July brings blueberry picking!!! We love going to North Star Orchards in Westmoreland, NY. I dream about their blueberry iced cookies all year long.

7/16 Starting to fall into the summer slump? Revamp your meal schedule so you can count on being ready with something easy every night, and make sure you leave one night for pizza or takeout.

7/17 Check this amazing idea out for summer activities from my awesome blogger friend from Rochester, NY- Five For The Road  I think her Camp Mom idea is amaze-balls!

7/18 Does your local movie theater offer free kids movies during the summer? Ours does on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so I’ll be scouting that during a rainy forecast.

7/19 Soak it all in, be mindful of all the blessings in your life. And get a donut today, it is a Wednesday after all. Life is too short not to eat donuts. My favorites are the donut holes at Dippin Donuts in New Hartford and Rome.

7/20 Check out some new blogs on Bloglovin’ or IG. There are great bloggers all over the internet, and some of my favorites are newbies or have a relatively small number of followers, yet create outstanding content.

7/21 Ever do a block party? We did them in our old neighborhood, but haven’t done one since we moved. Maybe it’s the year to bring it back?

7/22 Family game night!

7/23 Make yourself a cup of tea, and call that friend you haven’t called in a long time.

7/24 “Name 20 things you love about me”- play this game with your kids at bedtime (thank you Hands Free Mama for the idea!)

7/25 First Day of the Boonville (Oneida County) fair! Also, it’s their Children’s Day today.

7/26 Lemonade stand day! Register with and help share Alex’s mission to cure childhood cancer.

7/27 Date night! One fun idea is to pickup some really good takeout, bring it on a bike ride and eat outside on a waterfront or in a park.

7/28 Zoo Day! Lots of great zoos to choose from in the Mohawk Valley: Utica Zoo; The Wild Center in Chittenango; The Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse; Fort Rickey in Rome.

7/29 Happy Anniversary to the ShortestTallman and the TallestTallman! ?

7/30 The conclusion of Shark Week today involves a special with Michael Phelps on Discovery Channel at 8pm (the rest of Shark Week’s schedule looks re-damn-diculous!).

7/31 Have you taken your family to Saratoga? Although the races take place on Sundays, they have family fun days on Mondays. I haven’t been, so I can’t say firsthand if they’re great, but I know taking the family to a Sunday race day would be fun!

The July Guide!

What do you think? What am I missing? Comment below with your ideas!