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Book Review of "Loving My Actual Christmas"

Book Review: The Joy Plan

Hi, my Shortie friends! If you’ve followed me on FB or IG, then you have probably seen lots of hashtags about mindfulness and the joy plan. #thejoyplan is referring to a book I read recently, written by Kaia Roman. I heard about it by following Rachel Macy Stafford (Hands Free Mama- you know, the author I’m obsessed with!). So if…

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Giveaway 2017!

It’s Giveaway time!

Hi everyone!!!! Guess what??? It’s my blog’s 2nd Birthday! Let’s do another fun giveaway 😀 This time, I’m keeping it really simple, something that anyone could use- a $25 Amazon gift card! Just imagine the possibilities of what you could treat yourself to with an Amazon gift card…. Wow. Zillions of possibilities. The giveaway is running from now (12:00am Tuesday,…

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Favorite IGers to Follow!

Ahhh Instagram. I joined about 9 months ago, and I am obsessed. Sure, it’s a similar format to FB, and affiliated with FB at that, but it’s more photo-centric, and it just has a different culture than FB. One of the things I like about it, is that it is easy to find new people/businesses/dogs to follow. IDK, maybe I’m…

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A Second Look at Yoga

A Second Look At Yoga

Hi, Shorties! This is very 30-something-stay-at-home-mom thing to say, but I’m totally getting into yoga these days. You read that right- yoga, not just yoga pants! I am just loving the deep breathing, the quiet, the meditative, the focus… it is totally centering me. I think maybe when I tried it in my 20s, I just wasn’t ready for it?…

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HFL e-book club!

Hands Free Life e-book club #8

Hi, Shorties! Two more chapters left in my little HFL e-book club! Chapter 8 is about the legacy you leave behind you. However, it may not be what oftentimes is meant by a legacy. It’s not about how long your list of accomplishments is, in resume form. It’s about living your life fully and following your dreams, and inspiring others…

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