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A Second Look At Yoga

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Hi, Shorties! This is very 30-something-stay-at-home-mom thing to say, but I’m totally getting into yoga these days. You read that right- yoga, not just yoga pants! I am just loving the deep breathing, the quiet, the meditative, the focus… it is totally centering me. I think maybe when I tried it in my 20s, I just wasn’t ready for it? I would have wanted faster-paced, more energetic stuff. Now, I think at this stage, after having kids, no more babies in my house, but having lived through that 3 times, I am ready to tap into that deeper consciousness. There are two types of yoga classes I’ve been enjoying recently that I wanted to share with you: one is a more standard yoga, geared for mornings called Rise and Shine, and one is Kundalini yoga, which is a more breathing/meditation-based yoga.

A Second Look at Yoga www.theshortesttallman.com

The Rise and Shine is a perfect start to my day. The instructor, Sara, is awesome for all levels. My level is undoubtedly “beginner” lol. And, I am not flexible to save my life. Whoever invented those foam yoga blocks is a lifesaver! I love the work on breathing and opening up to start the day off right. I feel fantastic when I walk out of this class, ready to take on whatever life gives me.

The Kundalini yoga is a different animal entirely from those Gaiam yoga dvds I used to tinker with in college! There is chanting mantras and different types of breathing, and a lengthy meditation at the end. This is a truly centering experience for me, and I find legit #inspo during these classes. I am learning to rest my mind and to seek my truest self. I love that in this class, I can release emotions and seek a greater sense of peace, love, and confidence in my self. I’m tellin’ ya! It’s pretty good stuff! For more information, here is an article about Kundalini Yoga- I think it sums it up pretty well.

I am so glad that I felt the urge to give yoga another chance. I think I’m at the right place in my life to immerse myself into it. I guess being in my 30s isn’t so bad after all 🙂 I wish I had tried it out when I was still working, I think it would have been hugely beneficial to me in those stressful days as a WOHM!

Not too familiar with all the different types of yoga? Here’s an article that explains the various types.

(PS- I found both of these articles from my Kundalini instructor’s FB page! Thanks, Gina!)

Do you practice yoga? What’s your favorite style, and what do you love about it?

Is there another wellness activity that you’ve started doing, that you love?

I’d love to hear in the comments!

A Second Look at Yoga www.theshortesttallman.com

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