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Ahhh Instagram. I joined about 9 months ago, and I am obsessed. Sure, it’s a similar format to FB, and affiliated with FB at that, but it’s more photo-centric, and it just has a different culture than FB. One of the things I like about it, is that it is easy to find new people/businesses/dogs to follow. IDK, maybe I’m just kinda burnt out with FB, that could be part of it, too.

Instagram is super fun. These days, I enjoy it better than FB. It’s picture based, and in general, IDK, it just seems more pleasant! Maybe it’s just my feed. But FB can bring me down, whereas Instagram usually puts a smile on my face. I love the Explore section, too, because you can just sort of browse IG’s suggestions for what you might like. I’ve found awesome bloggers that way! I feel like there’s a totally different community on IG, where people who don’t even know each other can connect. I feel like I have my virtual #momtribe and #blogtribe via IG!

Here are 10 of my favorite people to follow on IG!

@Cottonstem: Erin’s pictures and home décor style is DIVINE. She gives Joanna Gaines a real run for her money. But even better is Erin’s captions to her posts. She is epitome of the crying laughing face! Super hilarious and down to earth.

@Fivefortheroadblog: Leah is a family travel blogger out of Rochester, NY, and she’s got lots of great tips and ideas for family time and travel.

@Jazzkatat: Although I’ve never met Jasmine, I feel like I know her because she is such an open book with her life and her fertility journey. She’s currently expecting her second (yay!), and her feed is full of uplifting openness and fun adventures with her family of 3.

@Marcandangel: Positive. Uplifting. Mindfulness. I love getting a dose of happy from their feed! Lots of “things that make you go hmmm.”

@Lavenderslongshot: LeAnne has the sweetest personality, and I am one of her 12K+ cheerleaders, rooting for her and her hubby, who happened to have a significant spinal cord injury about a year ago. This girl though… her spirit is as strong as ever. This is her most used hashtag: #myhusbandsahottieinawheelchair

@Bostonterriersforever: Yeah, I admit it. I love my Bostons! LOL. Whoever runs this page writes some fantastic captions…

@Mrs.nicolephelps: Yup, I follow her and Michael Phelps. I draw the line at following Boomer’s IG! haha. But they are super adorbs.

@Rawbeautykristi: This makeup artist is pretty popular on YouTube, and she is not only amazeballs at makeup, she has a great personality. I love following her!

@Sparrowsandlily: I like Lindsey. I like how open she is about her relationships, her past shortcomings, and her journey in her faith. And, well, her feed is just gorgeous. I’d like to have coffee with her. And I’d love to have her take me shopping.

@Smalltowncouture: She’s a local girl who lives in a nearby small town and she posts all sorts of pretty things. Her feed is on point, and I love her style blog! Lots of style inspo on Francesca’s IG!

Who do you love to follow on Social Media???

P.S. Don’t forget to follow @theshortesttallman on Instagram! The image above is my IG profile pic 😉

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