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Hands Free Life e-book club #8

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Hi, Shorties! Two more chapters left in my little HFL e-book club! Chapter 8 is about the legacy you leave behind you. However, it may not be what oftentimes is meant by a legacy. It’s not about how long your list of accomplishments is, in resume form. It’s about living your life fully and following your dreams, and inspiring others to do the same.

I just love love love Stafford’s realization on page 177 about how she will have to model for her children how to enjoy the simple joys in life, that we cannot trust that the world we live in will teach them. “There is hope for those growing up in a drive-through, task-oriented, materialistic, and competition-driven society. That hope is in my hands,” she says (177). As silly as it may sound, we really do have to show our children the joy of the simple things in life, the real things in life; that there are more to life than the stimulation we find in the virtual world. Which mean we have to do it ourselves! WE have to watch the sunrise and play board games and look for the prettiest rocks. If we don’t neutralize the bombardment of technology and unnatural stressors in our own lives, our children and those around us won’t know how to do that, either.

HFL e-book club! www.theshortesttallman.com

From page 187.

Stafford also stresses the importance of self-kindness and self-love. “Loving myself may not be how I started, but it can be who I am now and how I am remembered when I am gone,” she explains (187). If you can treat yourself lovingly, you will teach those around you to do the same. This brings me to the heart of this book’s message to me: it’s not about keeping up with the Joneses. It’s not about the to-do list. It’s not about the resume list of accomplishments. Those are all unavoidable realities of life, but they’re not the essence of life. The essence of life is the right here, right now. As a mom, my job can be so much more than about providing and transporting and feeding, and it really has to be. It has to be about unconditional love, being true to oneself, and being able to pick yourself up when you fall. And all of this has to start with me, before it can radiate out to others, like the VIPs in my life, especially my children that God has entrusted me to care for.

Whoa, that got deep.

But it’s true, right? This is why I can’t speak enough about Hands Free Life, Hands Free Mama, and Only Love Today, all written by Rachel Macy Stafford. I just think that she has a gift for sharing her story and inspiring others to live in love, be true to yourself, and pick yourself up when you fall. Everyone needs this, and certainly as a mother of 3 young kids, this speaks to me so much right now.

See ya next time for Chapter 9!

I sure hope you’ve given Hands Free Life a shot. If you have, what are your thoughts, either about chapter 8 or about the book in general? What other books have helped teach you to live better and love more?

HFL e-book club! www.theshortesttallman.com

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