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5 Tips to Transform Into a Mindful Mom (With Your Kids’ Help!)

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Mindfulness is so “in” right now, and if I were to pick between scrunchies or mindfulness, I’m glad mindfulness is a “thing”! It’s because of our crazy, fast-paced lifestyle. There’s so much to be thankful for when it comes to modern conveniences, but it’s important that we keep it in check and counteract some of that screen and stress stimulation with some good ole’ livin’ in the present stuff. Using mindfulness techniques is a pretty easy way to lower anxiety/negativity in general, while increasing joy.

(BTW, Hi! I never said hi. I like to start with Hi! in my posts, but apparently I was in a rush to get this mindfulness stuff out. It is pretty groovy.)

As parents in this crazy-awesome-stressful-convenient society, we have the perfect inspiration for mindfulness practice: our kids! They look at their world almost in a 2D way. They don’t have all those thoughts and opinions clouding their view of the world. One easy way to practice mindfulness is to indulge in your 5 senses. It gives your mind a break from all that worrying and planning and thinking, and can relax you for a bit!

5 Tips To Transform into a Mindful Mom www.theshortesttallman.com

Use your kids to help you!

Sight: Try to see the world through your children’s eyes! Get down to their level and really look at what they’re looking at. Explore nature with them. Help build the train tracks with them. Watch them intently as they play. Look at that beautiful creature that you are raising. Just look at him/her. They have so many moving parts, and their days are spent focusing on understanding their world. Take a moment to simply play and watch, focusing your mind solely on what you see.

Hearing: Really listen to your child. Listen to them talk about their day. Listen to the noises they make when they play, or how they talk to their toys. Listen to them explain how something works or how their day went. Not only listen to them, but listen to what they are listening to. Meta-listening, if you will.

Smell: Take a big sniff and focus on what you smell. Dirty diaper? Fresh air? Something cooking on the stove? Candy? The dog? This one is more subtle of course, but spend a moment to think about smell, too. And heck, smell your kid! It’s the funniest thing, I guess it’s sweat, but my son’s hair smells awful! Haha. Even after I shampoo it, that smell is still there. I guess it’s just “boy.” But again, smell the wonderful smell of your wonderful child, and smell the air your child is smelling. It will bring you to a heightened awareness of the present, pleasant or stinky! Smell is powerful stuff, that’s why essential oils are so popular. (I’ll save that for another post.. I am really into EO’s these days!)

Taste: Watch how your kids eat. Especially if you have younger kids, although messy, it really is funny. Sometimes they eat like it’s their last meal. Sometimes they play around with their food. But oftentimes, they just focus on eating. Again, not much else going on in their brain, except focusing on the moment now. So take that cue, and eat a messy watermelon or popsicle or whatever is for dinner, and close your eyes and focus on the taste. Try to let all other thoughts float away, and just focus on the sensation of tasting, chewing, swallowing, and the feeling of satisfying your hunger.

Touch: Sometimes, touch can be sensory overload for a parent! Whether it rambunctious horseplay or a snuggly kid with a cold, chances are if you’re parenting with any merit, there’s touch going on- and often. Try rubbing your child’s arm or shoulder, feeling their hair, and just think about how soft they are. They’re so vulnerable, they’re not all calloused up like we are. Their hearts are not hardened yet. And let them touch your arm, squeeze your hand, rub your back. I love the feeling of my hair being touched, so when my kids want to brush or play with my hair, I try to just enjoy that lovely sensation. And remember, if you’re familiar with the book The Five Love Languages of Children (here is my review of it on the blog), some kids really respond to touch to feel love. Even if it isn’t your child’s primary love language, they surely need a daily dose of loving touch- and so do you.

Take the cues from your kids who naturally live in the present: indulge in your 5 senses to become a Mindful Mom!

Do you have any tips for living in the present? Enter in the comments below!

5 Tips To Transform into a Mindful Mom www.theshortesttallman.com

And, as always, thanks for reading!