A Short(est) Update

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Whew! Where has the time gone?! I blinked, and the first ten weeks of the school year are gone. I still measure my school year in 10-week chunks; if I were still working, I’d be scrambling to complete my report cards. Ahhhh So, what’s the story, morning glory?

www.theshortesttallman.comI guess starting off, this busy-ness sitch. There is no off-season as a parent, I’m figuring that out quickly. My 3 kids all have their activities and school calendars that I must contend with, and then I’ve got my own schedule. I have a much more involved role in PTA this year, and the start of the year is the craziest part of that job. Also, I’ve signed up to coordinate our PTA’s biggest event of the year, our Spring Carnival. That’s a whole other thing!!! But it is all fun stuff. Plus, I’m subbing here and there, continuing to teach voice lessons here and there, and I’m also helping out with a local music club that has the cutest name ever: B#. So, I have a lot of things on my plate.

With that, I’ve been focusing on self-care things that I know will bring me joy: my yoga practice, daily meditation, and keeping a social calendar. Included in that, I devoted some time reading our most recent book for book club, which was quite the story, as well as a book club meeting for our previous book. I am attempting to tune into my true self, which is none other than an ESFJ. Extrovert… imagine that!

As I could squeeze it in, I’ve been jotting down ideas for my blog, doing some field research (a.k.a. farting around on IG and the web), and just general “thinking on it.”

I’m realizing that I’m just, generally speaking, feeling all over the place. All good stuff everywhere in my life! But I’m feeling a bit too scattered, so I’ve been trying to pinpoint exactly where the stress is coming from. I think I’ve realized three things:

  1. Stick to doing only what makes me feel good. Or, if it’s unavoidable, flip my thoughts to a place of positivity and gratitude: “Gosh, I am so thankful to have nice clothes for my family” when I’m doing laundry, or, “I’m so grateful to live in such a beautiful and clean home” when I’m cleaning the bathrooms. Trust me, I’m not always met with success, but every success is, well, a success! I’m working on saying YES to the right stuff, and saying NO to the right stuff, too.
  2. My self-care regimen is key to success. My yoga class, meditation practice, sniffing my EO’s, my gratitude journal- all this stuff is helping me stay balanced.
  3. I need to figure out a daily schedule. I might be squeezing it all in, but if I’m feeling like a hot mess all the while, where am I going. I’m just too willy nilly throughout my day, and it’s making me feel a little out of control.

Guys, I told you I’ve been busy.

So, I’m going to work on a schedule and give it a fair shot of sticking to it. A lot of bloggers write about “time blocking,” so I might start there and tweak if necessary. I have different things going on every day, so I can’t just make a daily schedule that will work every day, with Andrew going to nursery school, and various appointments scattered around. But, it’s not an impossible task either. I’ll shall work on it and report back!

So, while I have all that going on in my personal life, how’s about in bloggy world I get back to publishing some posts and doing some giveaways??? That’s my November plan. Stay tuned!

Hope all is well with all of my wonderful readers! May your November be chill 🙂

Here’s some links to what I wrote about:

Personality test: See what personality type you are to give you insight as to your tendencies, and whether or not your choices align with who you really are. It’s pretty insightful!

Book club books: The Glass Castle was recently made into a movie. A fascinating memoir about hardships, perseverance, and forgiveness. Haven’t seen the movie, but I did enjoy the book!

The Color Of Our Sky is a compelling story about two girls of different classes growing up in modern India, and I can tell you it will absolutely make you appreciate what you have.

My favorite essential oil blends: Balance and Serenity. I like to put them together on my lava bead bracelet, soooo calming! (PS I did not spent $70 on them! I got them both for $30 from my Doterra girl when she had a 2-for-1 deal on her FB page!)

Oprah & Deepak Chopra’s Meditation app: I guess they collaborate a few times a year and offer 21 days of free meditations. This cycle is in the second week and it’s all about time and our relationship to time. It has totally supported what I read in The Joy Plan, too.

P.S.- did you know that there is such a thing as guided meditations?? I just recently got into the meditation game, and although timed, silent meditation is obviously great stuff, it can be very intimidating to a beginner. Like me. There are tons and tons of free guided meditations you can listen to! Check out the Insight Timer app for a gazillion free meditations, and you can even search by subject (gratitude, creativity, balance, etc.).

To Ma’ams, with love,
The Shortest Tallman