The Arbonne Post!

I tried Arbonne, and here’s what I thought

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Hi Shorties! Ugh, this one has been a long time coming. Like, a long time. I had the opportunity to learn about Arbonne’s products, try them out for almost a week, and reconnect with a friend from high school! How awesome is that?

The Arbonne Post!

The long and the short of it is, I thought the products were really great, some I liked more than others, some were life changers, and they’re not cheap. I wouldn’t say that they are unreasonable, but they are a premium price, similar to Sephora range. So, if you are into skincare and beauty, and you’re used to paying premium prices, you are going to really enjoy this post and you’ll want to try this stuff out! If you are a minimalist and you don’t like to spend anything on skincare products, there still might be a few Arbonne products that might make you a reformer! Bottom line, I was impressed.

And, let me just start by saying, whether or not you splurge on nice skincare, using nice skincare products feels pretty amazing. There is totally a difference. I wish there wasn’t- haha!- but there is totally a difference between using the cheap stuff and using nice stuff. All of the Arbonne stuff I tried felt very luxurious on my skin.

Their products are:
-cruelty free
-natural, none of those weirdo chemical ingredients

The company has been around for a long time (37ish years), and it is a Direct Sales company. As in Avon, Mary Kay- products you buy directly from a sales rep, not in a store. Those can be kind of hit or miss, and often times I feel like there’s way too many strings attached. This company, like many others, do reward good and loyal customers really well, yes, the more you buy, the greater the discount. That’s how they get you! But, I can honestly say from my trial, it’s luxurious stuff that is worth it. I happen to be a SAHM right now, so I couldn’t be swayed to purchase one of the big kits, but there were a few things that I really loved and plan on ordering.

Here’s what I tried:
(From the RE9 Advanced Anti-Aging line:)
Smoothing Facial Cleanser
Regenerating Toner
Intensive Renewal Serum
Restorative Cream
Night Repair Cream
Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream
Makeup Primer
CC Cream
It’s a Long Story Mascara

The Arbonne Post!

The Arbonne Post!

(I was also given a few consumables- tea bags and “fizz sticks” natural energy supplements… I still haven’t tried them. Whoops!)

Here’s what I thought:
I really liked everything. The lotions were a bit too much for my normal/oily skin, so I knew right away I’d pass on purchasing those. (As a side note, I did see in another one of their other skincare lines, the FC5, they do have a light lotion that mattifies oily skin.. hmmm, might give that one a try!) They had a pretty good bundle deal if you bought everything in the line, but since it’s premium stuff, it’s not cheap, and I just didn’t want to invest that much in skincare. Again- not unreasonable, and with that bundle, you’d be making out like a bandit compared to Sephora prices, but it was just beyond my budget at this time.

Here are the game changers, IMHO:

These 5 products were nothing short of fan-flippin-tastic!

The Arbonne Post!

Smoothing Facial Cleanser: The RE9 Advanced Skincare system starts with this cleanser, and it is pretty phenomenal. It did a great job cleaning my oily skin, without feeling super tight after.

Regenerating Toner: It’s just a toner, so who cares, right? But I kinda did care, because this did make my skin feel and look good after I used it. And, like most of these products, the packaging squirts out the perfect amount for a single use, rather than other toners that just have an open top. My Arbonne pal, Casey, swore these products would last me for several months because of that dispensing system! (think about those times you accidentally knocked over your Clinique toner and it just went right down the drain… grr.)

Intensive Renewal Serum: I’ve never used a serum before, so to be fair, I didn’t have anything to compare it to. But… ermergerd. It was pretty awesome. My skin felt great and looked a bit better right upon using it. It smoothed everything out in a subtle way, and again, it felt really great on my skin! With my oily skin, things can start feeling really heavy on my skin, and this went on great.

Makeup Primer: This primer did a really great job prepping my skin for makeup, and doing so in a light way. It helped makeup go on smoothly and evenly, and it didn’t feel greasy.

Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream: This was pretty fantastic for a makeup. It didn’t provide a full coverage, but I felt that it was a solid light-to-medium coverage. It felt great on my skin. Now, for me and my oily T zone, I did find that the Makeup Primer and CC Cream combo did make me have to use my blotting squares sooner than I normally do with my usual oil control stuff, but for the “normal” parts of my face, it was great. If I didn’t have such an oily T zone, I would have loved this stuff. I actually liked it better than the Bare Minerals BB cream, which also I have more or less stopped using because gosh darn it, the oily T zone problem!!!

Now, they do have a bunch of other products that I didn’t get to try: a men’s line, a baby line, some body skincare stuff, hair care, nutritional supplements, and lots of other makeup and skincare items. As it says in the catalog, “Arbonne transforms lives through pure, botanically based ingredients in scientifically products; a pure, healthy lifestyle; and the pure joy of helping others.” So, you can see that obviously this statement is all about the direct sales gig as well as their products. I really liked that they’re stuff is all plant-based and safe, none of it is tested on animals, and their packaging is recyclable. That’s not something you can easily find at Sephora.

Now, the only perk of me dilly dallying on writing and publishing this post is that it’s the Black Friday holiday weekend, and Arbonne is offering a pretty fantastic deal for the weekend! It’s a great time to try stuff if you’re intrigued.  Sorry- sale is over now!

See her website at or email her at casey.aguglia at gmail! I think you’ll enjoy 🙂

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