The Importance of a Mom Tribe

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Momming ain’t easy! We all know that! And we are social creatures, even us shy ones. (I said that to include all my shy pals, I am not typically a shy one!) We have a need to feel understood, to find common ground with others. New moms need a support system that includes family and friends who have been there. When you join any new group, you need to meet others who are in your world. And suffice it to say, there’s no world quite like the parenting world. Find your mom tribe- find your people. This http://www.scarymommy.com/need-mama-tribes/ really sums it up. They can be a real lifeline to you, sometimes more than anyone else in your support system.


Where a Mom Tribe differs from the other members of your support system, is that they, too, are a Mom Island. They haven’t been there before, they don’t hope to be there someday, they aren’t dadding: they are doing what you are doing, right now. They are their own island, trying to survive in their own habitat, going through those steps right now. The older, more seasoned moms are great to have, for sure. Invaluable, actually. It’s not a “this is better than that” thing. But they’re not momming in your current sitch right now, alongside you. Social media; the new rules of car seats that seem to change every two years; navigating this world of mass shootings, sex offenders, and the divided political climate- this is an unprecedented time to be raising children and working, in whatever that capacity may be. Connecting with your contemporaries is unlike any other relationship as a mom.

I think what sets your Mom Tribe apart from the rest of your support system is understanding with authentic empathy. 

I am doing this, too. I am drained, too.

So where can you find your Mom Tribe? Reading hours at the local library or book store. Playgrounds. Indoor playgrounds. Church. Daycare/preschool. Book club. Fitness classes. On social media, either by following mom bloggers or local online mom groups. Connecting with coworkers who have similarly-aged kids. Or better yet- all of the above! You can always strike up a conversation or comment upon your child or her child. Kids are the best ice breakers:) But whatever you do, find your people! I am convinced it is a major part of #momlife success. It is certainly a major part of mine!

Source: http://www.cafemom.com/group/115189/forums/read/21541401/I_see_you_have_created_a_tiny_human

And to my own personal Mom Tribe: thank you, more than you’ll ever know. Glad to have each other’s backs.