The Ultimate #momspo

The Ultimate #momspo

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As the late Tom Petty sang, “so it’s Christmas time, again…” This holiday has had a completely new meaning to me since becoming a mom. Anyone else? I am a product of the 20th century American middle class, through and through. For me, I was extremely fortunate to have three unremarkable pregnancies (thank you, Jesus) and deliveries (thank you, Jesus), and I happily trotted myself to and from doctors’ appointments and birthed in the hospital, taking advantage of what modern medicine could afford me (seriously, thank you Jesus). I struggle with all the first world problems of raising children in modern American society, omnipresent technology and media, affecting everything I do, think, and feel. I feel myself pulled in many directions, and experience my share of “should’s” and mom guilt. (First. World. Problems.)

And it can be hard, of course. Pretty often, actually. So when I’m in need of some #momspiration, or #momspo, I regularly refer back to the most amazing source of inspiration I know of: the Blessed Mother.

The Ultimate #momspo www.theshortesttallman.comNow, this is not to say I in any way embody the St. Mary’s teachings and life. I mean, sure I try, but I’m flawed, like everyone else. And, she is the only human being to be born without sin. Her conception immaculate. There’s not a whole lot in my life that could be considered immaculate, least of all my housekeeping.

But… talk about a mother to look up to.

Mary was only betrothed to Joseph, and she was younggggggg. Sure, she was super devout, but would I answer the call if an angel appeared to me and told me that I would conceive the son of God? Before epidurals and the acceptance of unwed mothers in society???

So Mary goes along her Mary way, keeps on being the holiest, amazing-est woman ever, and ends up giving birth in Bethlehem in a stall. She gives birth as a young virgin to the son of God, in a freakin’ manger. Holy moly. This story never gets old to me. It’s insane. God chose a common woman, albeit super holy, to birth his son in such a lowly sitch, knowing darn well that he would live a common life, mostly unremarkable, then spend 3 years spreading his teachings in a humble way, ridiculed constantly, and then die a terrible, humiliating death. You know, for me and for you, born 2000 years later, and everyone else. Ever. I can’t even articulate myself well because it’s just … well, it’s cray!

And Mary, she birthed him in a humiliating way, just did her duty dutifully and beautifully, then raised him basically like a normal kid, knowing he was the son of God!!! It is such an incredible story! And then, 33 years later, she goes through what every parent’s worst nightmare is, and basically the biggest nightmare scenario of that nightmare, as he is humiliated, beaten, insulted by everybody in town, and dies a torturous death.

The Ultimate #momspo www.theshortesttallman.comOh, and how about the time she and Joseph accidentally left him behind when he was 12? Literally when I pray the Joyful mysteries of the rosary, I get all the feels about that one. We’ve all had scares where we’ve “misplaced” our children in a store, but how about when your child is not only your beloved child, but the son of God? Talk about panic. She spent a few days’ journey going back to where he was left behind, she must have been freaking out the entire time. But this story is just a reminder of her humanism. She’s just one of us. (Can you imagine if she wrote a Scarymommy article about the Finding of Jesus in the Temple??? Maybe she’d title it, “The Ultimate Mom Fail: The Time I Almost Lost the Son of God”)

My own journey as a Catholic has evolved; the mysteries of the faith have changed as to what has “gotten” to me. As a mom now, I love how the Church emphasizes the value of the family and of the mother. Mary, the Mother of God, is adored, has her own special prayers and hymns, and basically is super duper important to the Church. Sure, women can’t be priests, I guess I feel neutral about that, but I don’t at all feel like the Church doesn’t value women, when we praise and pray to Mary all the time. Like on the First Christmas, she is still there for us, to help us get closer to God, through her.

And the family unit is everything in the Church. Think about it: God felt the world needed an extension of himself, and thought that the most powerful way to reach us was to come as a baby, in a non-traditional family, born to meager beginnings. Mary and Joseph cultivated Jesus for an entire childhood before he began his teachings. The second biggest holiday of the Church is when Jesus is born, which celebrates his coming, but also celebrates Mary and Joseph being the most amazingest parents ever, powerful role models for #momlife. All the good stuff of Jesus came so much later… so Mary also teaches us patience and perseverance.

Mary followed her heart, did what was right instead of what was easy, and lived a humble life of service, gratitude, and integrity, and trust. I just think, you don’t get any better inspiration than that. No matter what I have going on, I can look to the Blessed Mother for strength to make the right choices. If you’re in need of some #momspo, look to the ultimate mother of mothers, Mary, who is full of grace, and blessed among women.

Wanna know something funny about this post? I’ve felt compelled to write this out for some time. But, I’ve always felt a bit… I don’t know…. Embarrassed? Shy? Worried about what people would think? Then, I felt a strong urge to write it, and I did. I decided not to publish it just yet, even though on this particular day, December 8th, I realized about halfway throughout writing it that it was indeed the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which is the day the church celebrates Mary’s conception, not Jesus’. I still sat on it. Then today, I took my kids to the The Star with my sil and my niece and nephew. And about halfway through the movie I realized, I was going to go home and publish this post! If I have a reader not like what I wrote, that is OK by me, but I want to be authentic. I want my blog to place of authenticity, where I am true to myself. I hope you can appreciate that, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post. Perhaps me sharing an authentic part of my self and my thoughts, you will feel more authentic in your being as well.


So… anyway…. Merry Christmas!!!!The Ultimate #momspo